Social media speaker, consultant, and trainer

The interwebs crowned me a top digital marketing expert in the known universe. (cue eye rolls from my hubby and colleagues) I'm all about helping people get, keep, and grow their client base via digital magic.

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About Rebekah Radice's Career

People often ask how I landed here. To save time answering the same question on repeat, my trusty tech genius whipped up this slick timeline.
Now I can hit 'em with an auto-reply. Because, hey, time is money, right?


Growing up in sunny Los Angeles, my passion for business bloomed early. At 7, I started a lemonade stand, mastering the art of making customers smile.

Early (ish)

At 10, I opened my fruit stand, selling avocados and oranges to anyone who happened by. My backyard was bursting and so were my entrepreneurial dreams.

Still Early

When I wasn't working the fruit stand, I joined my dad at his radio station. I learned the power of listening as he took calls, chatted with fans, and played top tunes.


My days in the studio made an impact. I dove head first into a radio career, chasing work-life balance as a single mom. Spoiler alert: balance is a f***ing myth.


I climbed the radio charts, making it to the top 4 years in a row. Itching for a new challenge, mortgage called. Before I knew it, I'd traded radio for business owner.

2004 was only a glimmer in my eye, and yet, became my passport to the world. I traveled far and wide, spreading digital smarts like confetti.


10 years in and the housing crash left me wiped out. That's when I realized important vs. urgent and found a way to prioritize. Family and fun came first.


Shifted into brand mode and greener Better Homes and Gardens pastures. Building a legacy brand from scratch on social is a wild ride and I was 100% up for it.


Met my BRIL.LA co-founder Ambreen, and Sam, her now grumpy hubby. Our dynamic trio weathered many SaaS storms but always came back fighting.


Breathed life into BRIL.LA, giving UX design a cause-based focus. Pouring our hearts into higher-ed, our tech-enabled approach spread its wings.


Infusing digital superpowers into Hey Rebekah, we soft launched to family and friends. Now we're in Beta. Come get better at what you do in 6 minutes or less.

G.O.A.T. brands I've worked with

My community of over 300,000

I adore my community like peanut butter loves jelly. They've been with me since the days when social media was only a baby. Remember when we had to walk uphill both ways to post a tweet? Sigh... the good 'ol days.

Hey Rebekah is what I'll be remembered for

I launched Hey Rebekah to help freelancers become better at what they do. Everything we create will always be free for readers and the community. Hey Rebekah is a free daily newsletter. It's about to get a whole lot better thanks to machine learning. We're also creating some pretty cool apps to make generative AI more accessible.

Best newsletter for freelancers

Like Morning Brew for freelancers

A free daily newsletter. We write about things that help you become better at what you do in 6 minutes or less.


Generative AI for freelancers

OpenAI x Anthropic fine-tuned for freelancers

We've fine-tuned our generative AI for freelancers. Make work easier, boost creativity, get more done, and improve your skills.


Free jobs with vetted clients

Like Upwork without the crazy fees

Get access to no-fee gigs and vetted clients for top-notch job opportunities. But without the hefty fees. Think Upwork if it was free forever.


Exclusive discounts

Save tons of money on the tools you already use

No more overpaying for the tools you rely on. Enjoy exclusive discounts on the tools you already use. Now you can run your business without breaking the bank.

A blonde haired woman with a welcoming smile in a casual shirtA blonde haired woman dressed fashionably with a warm smileA blonde haired woman smiling in a side pose

Marketing performance coach

Ignite online growth

Creating human-focused experiences to get, keep, and grow your customer base. We blend product planning, branding, marketing, and more with fact-based decisions. Side by side, we'll tackle your clients' biggest needs.

A blonde haired woman with a welcoming smile in a casual shirt

Corporate marketing trainer

Enable your team to thrive

From targeted outreach to irresistible content, weI'll help you acquire new customers, keep them coming back for more, and grow your business like never before.

A blonde haired woman dressed fashionably with a warm smile

Marketing keynote speaker

Captivate your audience

Looking for a fun and engaging speaker? With 20+ years in marketing strategy, you'll get real-life advice. No fluff, no confusing numbers, no BS stories. Only proven ways to find more customers and grow your business.

A blonde haired woman smiling in a side pose

Contact Rebekah Radice

Thanks for popping by. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or just want to say hello.

(415) 727-4552 x13
BRIL.LA, 1370 N. St. Andrews Place, Los Angeles, CA 90028
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