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Knowledge should be free.

Experience, priceless.

Freelancers need better access to knowledge, skills, and tools to build thriving careers. That's our focus.

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Who TF is Rebekah Radice?

According to the interwebs, Rebekah Radice is one of the top digital marketing experts in the world. She's an OG influencer and a self-employed professional since 1998.

In 2019, she started BRIL.LA, a woman-owned CX agency with her longtime colleague Ambreen Dar—who prefers protegé, not sidekick.

Hey Rebekah came about after receiving thousands of questions from the community. We realized we could do a lot more to help self-employed professionals everywhere. 

We're starting with a free daily newsletter to do just that. 
Together, we're on a mission to help freelance professionals build thriving careers, so they can experience the joy of financial freedom and success.

G.O.A.T. brands we've worked with
Wondering if we're any good at what we do?

Let's check the replay

The Hey Rebekah fam has been hustling together since 2013. Our combined experience is off the charts high, reaching almost rude-to-ask levels. But seriously, we're lucky to have worked with wicked smart people. 

Realizing we still got a lot of game left, we're committed to passing on our Legos and open-sourcing our playbooks. Some milestones we've achieved:

317 Million

Users acquired

Since 2001, we've helped businesses acquire over 317,000,000 users. Holy crap, that's a lot more than we thought.

16 million

Customers converted

We've implemented strategies to convert a shit ton of prospects to customers for our clients. Hmm, we should've started a business earlier.

$10 Million

Lifetime earnings

Yeah, we've done well. But there's a lot more to fulfillment too. We're open sourcing our playbooks to help you make more money than we ever could.


Net Promoter Score®

We asked 100 of our former clients about our work. 96 would highly recommend us. 4 wouldn't come near us again. Hey, nobody's perfect.


Bottles of Pepto Bismol

Dayyum, the journey hasn't been a cake walk. But we're still at it. Part of why we're here is to help you avoid the costly mistakes we've made.


Hair follicles on heads

OK, yes, we needed an attention grabbing metric to balance the flex child layout of this component. But seriously, Sam’s hair loss is no joking matter.

Ready to upskill your game?

Join over 300,000 people in our community today.

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Hey Rebekah!? I need help to...

Get more clients

No problem! We'll show you exactly how we scale customer acquisition. You'll get more clients for yourself and help your clients get more customers. It's a double scoop bonus. 🍨

A funny meme for getting more customers
Hey Rebekah!? Please help me...

Keep my clients

Ah, the elusive client retention problem. No worries, we got you! We'll show you how to deliver mind-boggling results to your clients so you get more repeat business and referrals. LTV to the 🌕.

A funny meme for keeping customers
Hey Rebekah, I need a way to...

Grow my customers

OK, now you're talking. Let's do this... we'll explain the best strategies and tactics to put effective customer expansion programs in place. So you can do more with less. 👏🏽

A funny meme on growing customers
Hey Rebekah, I'm trying to figure out how to...

Systemize and scale

Awesome! Sounds like business is 💥. It's hard trying to do everything. We'll share the tech stack we use to keep things purring like an enterprise on the cheap. Plus, give you our open-sourced tech recipes to get going super fast. #picasso

A funny meme for no-code systems
Hey Rebekah, I'm stuck with...

Branding and design

Want to know how the big agencies charge bazillions for their work? Wonder no more. We'll share our insider experience, strategies, and templates so you can make any client brand look like a million bucks. 💰

A funny meme for branding
Hey Rebekah, I want to

Build killer apps

We've seen a lot of 🍝, you probably have too. We'll hook you up with best-in-class processes and tools you can implement in minutes. Your proposals will come off as fancy as Niantic's physics and your life will become easier with a repeatable playbook for web/mobile app projects.

A funny meme for building better software applications
Hey Rebekah, how do I get started with

Data science

We'll help you breakthrough the insanity of vanity metrics to focus on what matters. We'll share actionable data pipelines and tech recipes you can copy. Your alliance with data science is on the fast track. 🎯

A funny meme for data science
Hey Rebekah, I just want to

Find my joy

Good for you! ❤️ Our patent pending 8-DVD series Slow to Flow™️ will give you magical happiness superpowers in 30 minutes and last forever. No seriously though, the world's a crazy place and this has been a process of evolution for us. We're honored to have a chance to share our journey with you.

A funny meme for finding joy
A funny meme for getting more customersA funny meme for keeping customersA funny meme on growing customersA funny meme for no-code systemsA funny meme for brandingA funny meme for building better software applicationsA funny meme for data scienceA funny meme for finding joy

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What kind of $#!t do we share?

Everything about anything...

Well, not really. But you know what? We cover the most important topics for freelancer professionals to start their days right. Stuff like what's up in the world, what's happening right now, and why it matters to you.

We introduce tools to make your work easier. We open-source our playbooks to show exactly how we get s#%t done. We produce content that will make you more productive, bring you joy, and immediate ROI.

✍🏽 Copywriting

There, their, they're

Writing something in a way that makes people want something they don't need.

🤖 The Gist: It's a fancy way of saying "lying for money."

🤩 ux design

Pixels, Pexels, REM, & EM

Ensuring websites and apps are visually pleasing and easy to use.

🤖 The Gist: It's the difference between a customer saying "Wow, this is so user-friendly!" and "I wish I could throw my phone into a volcano."

👩‍🎨 graphic design

Layers & prayers

Making things look pretty and official.

🤖 The Gist: It's the reason why we're all still using printed marketing materials instead of just sending people screenshots of our Instagram feeds.

👍🏽 Social Media Management

Don't spiral go viral

Staying connected with friends and family and sharing important life updates with complete strangers.

🤖 The Gist: It's a place for oversharing and creeping on people you barely know.

📈 Digital marketing

Yo CRO you know

Using technology to convince people to buy things they don't need.

🤖 The Gist: Using algorithms to manipulate people into giving you their money

🖥️ Web development

What's Next to React to

Using code to create websites and applications.

🤖 The Gist: Building software so the internet is more annoying and confusing one line of code at a time

📱mobile development

Flutter sputter or clutter

Using technology to create apps that people can use on their phones.

🤖 The Gist: Making it impossible for people to put down their devices and enjoy the world around them

👩‍💻 data science


Using complex algorithms and statistical techniques to extract useful insights from massive datasets.

🤖 The Gist: Creating mountains of boring numbers that look like they actually mean something.

💼 business consulting

No tragedy strategy

Giving advice to businesses and organizations on how to improve their operations so they can grow.

🤖 The Gist: Telling people to do things they already know they should be doing, but for a hefty fee.

🧮 accounting/finance

Balancing act

Recording, analyzing, and reporting on financial transactions.

🤖 The Gist: Thrilling process of recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions in a way that's almost impossible to understand.

🍾 running your business

Moats & G.O.A.T.s

Starting and running a business.

🤖 The Gist: Taking on excessive amounts of risk and stress in the hopes of becoming wildly successful, or at least not going bankrupt.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Request a topic

TFW...you want to know more

Don't make us beg...you're above that!

But if that's what it takes? Please, pretty please give us a try.

We take your privacy seriously.
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Be real, be intentional, stay hungry

What's important to us

We imagine a world where all freelancers have fair opportunities. They can learn, grow, and thrive in their career. Plus, gain access to tools that help them make more money and find their joy.

We're firm believers in the principles of people-first. When we put our team first, they put our customers first, and eventually our customers put us first. Even though we're not perfect, we always try to do the right thing.

We understand

As a women-owned and minority woman-owned business, we understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

More than just us

We're in the process of overhauling our corporate structure and by-laws to embed the principles of the change we seek into our corporate DNA.

We love our planet

1% of our gross revenue processed via Stripe is committed to carbon removal.


Check out our frequently asked questions or reach out to us. We'd be happy to hear from you.

Tell me more about yourself

People say I'm a digital marketing expert. I've been self-employed since 1998. I'm from sunny southern California. I adore my two boys and their partners.

I'm a grandma! My husband is my best friend. We love going for long rides on our bikes and spending time at the beach. We cheer for the Steelers and the Cubs to win. I enjoy traveling and super spicy foods.

What's Hey Rebekah?

Hey Rebekah is a free daily newsletter that will help you become better at what you do in six minutes every morning. Think of it like Morning Brew for freelancers, without all the readers.

We're going to be launching playbooks, courses, apps, and live events to help freelancers build thriving careers, make more money, and find their joy. Everything we produce for our readers will always be free.

How can I sponsor your newsletter?

We thought you'd never ask! ☺️ In fact, there's no better time than the present because we're pre-launch and have no idea if this will even work. So you've got all the leverage. You can reach out to our sponsorship team to get started.

Where can I find old editions of Hey Rebekah?

All of our newsletter posts are available in our Archives. Anyone can access them online anytime without a gate. For our full range of content, please subscribe to the newsletter.

What information do you share with sponsors?

We only share anonymized performance metrics. We never share personal information unless you have specifically opted-in to sharing it with them.

Do you have a partnership program?

We're so glad you asked! You can see a list of our current Partnership Program companies here. If you've got something cool that our community would benefit from, we'd love to hear from you. We ask our partners to provide an exclusive, unpublished discount code for our readers instead of an affiliate commission for us. In return, we'll promote the heck out of your product across our community of over 300,000. No brainer, right?

How do you make money?

Like a boss baby! 🎤 Actually, we don't, for now. We're building an incredible resource for the freelance community. We'll figure out monetization later. It'll probably come in the form of sponsorships and curated ads within our publication. We don't make money from affiliate links.

I need a job, you hiring?

Of course, we're recruiting wicked smaaght people to teach us a thing or two about writing, coding, and editing. If you're up to it, you can check available job openings here.

Where can I submit feedback for the editorial team?

We would love to hear from you. Please reply to any of our emails- we read every one or send us an email.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

By entering your email into any one the subscribe widgets throughout this site. There's one at the top of the home page.

Can I change the time your newsletters get sent?

As of today, that's not possible. Sorry! We're working on a solution and will share an update soon.

I'm not getting the newsletter, what's up?

Yikes! We’re so sorry about that. Please search your mailbox for “Hey Rebekah”. You may have received the email but it’s gone to the dreaded Promotions tab or even worse, spam. Please give us some love and add us to your contacts and safe senders list.

What do you do with my email address?

We take your privacy seriously. It's only used for its intended purpose, to give you access to our content or programs. We don't share it with anyone else, period. Check out our industry leading, privacy-focused privacy policy for more information.

Why did you create Hey Rebekah?

Our team consists of senior freelance and long-time self-employed professionals. We've been working with clients since forever. We wanted to shift our focus to something with purpose. Where should we start? That was the million dollar question. It turned out the answer was right in front of us all along. We're on a mission to upskill the global workforce. Because knowledge should be free.

How do you pick content?

Our editorial team prioritizes content production based on many factors. First and foremost, to address the needs and requests of our readers. We're building in the open so we share updates about that often. Of course we also chime in on current events relevant to our readers. If you have something you'd like us to write about, let us know.

Will the newsletter always be free?

All of the content we produce for our readers will always be free, period.

Why is it called Hey Rebekah?

Well, we had a bunch of folks asking us how we did this and how we did that. Enter Rebekah Radice, our co-founder and digital marketing genius. It just made sense to call it Hey Rebekah. Plus, she’s the only one who does her hair.

How can I check on my referrals?

You’ll get an update in your inbox twice a week within our newsletter. We’ll let you know how many points you have and how many you need till the next cool thing. You may click the link in that update and bookmark it to check on your referral counts anytime.

How does the referral program work?

When you subscribe to the newsletter, you're automatically enrolled in the Hey Rebekah Referral Program. You can snag cool swag you don’t need and wouldn’t pay for. Refer a few friends, your annoying neighbor, or pay it forward for real. As you reach milestones, we'll send you an automagic redemption link to your email.

Do you have any swag?

We do indeed! Our swag is a part of our Hey Rebekah Referral Program. You can snag cool swag you don’t need and wouldn’t pay for. Refer a few friends, your annoying neighbor, or pay it forward for real. We’ll hook you up with some gear and VIP access to the Hey Rebekah Community.

How can I redeem my Hey Rebekah swag?

When you reach a referral prize milestone, you’ll be sent an email with a unique promo code. Just follow the steps in the email to claim your reward. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

How many rewards can I redeem at once?

With each referral, you get a step closer to the next best thing. At one time, you can redeem one reward. If you have a couple to redeem, do it in separate redemptions.

Do my referrals have an expiration date?

Not at all! You can collect and redeem them whenever, forever.

Do you ship swag oversees?

We ship worldwide and cover shipping free. We cannot however predict or cover import duties.

Can I exchange/return my reward?

We produce all our swag on demand so it's not possible to return or exchange it. Except of course if there's a problem. Let us know if there's an issue and we'll process a replacement.

Can I switch my email address?

Of course!. Just scroll to the bottom of the newsletter where it says “Update your email preferences or unsubscribe here,” to switch email addresses.

How do I unsubscribe?

We hate to say goodbye. You can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of any Hey Rebekah newsletter.

Still have questions?

No problem! Just drop us a line and we'll get back to you in a jiffy.