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The future belongs to the curious

We believe curiosity is the driving force of progress. While others scramble to capitalize on buzzwords we see the future through a wider lens. We know technology is simply a tool and humans are the builders that wield it.

Hey Rebekah is a free daily newsletter for knowledge workers. We help you incorporate tools like AI into your work. Kind of like we have. If you do it right, it's magical. Want to know what we do with all our spare time? Join us and find out.

Who TF is Rebekah Radice?

Rebekah Radice helps ambitious professionals thrive in today's world of work. For 45+ years, she's shown career-driven visionaries how to navigate constant change.

Now the co-founder of BRIL.LA, a woman-owned agency, she launched Hey Rebekah with her longtime colleague, Ambreen Dar. The newsletter offers simple tips to help readers adapt to new technology and build careers with purpose.

In a world of unknowns, they light the way. Their newsletter opens minds to new horizons of what's possible, achievable, and meaningful in our careers through the adoption of generative AI. For those with ambition, passion and an appetite for growth, the voyage awaits.

Together, they help ambitious professionals thrive in today's world of work. After years empowering people with purpose, they believe this:

We all long to push past limits into uncharted territory. Technology may change how we work, but it can't replace our thirst for creativity, meaning, and impact.

— Ambreen & Rebekah

Some our fave clients

Let's check the replay

The Hey Rebekah fam has been hustling together since 2013. Our combined experience is off the charts high, reaching almost rude-to-ask levels. But seriously, we're lucky to have worked with wicked smart people.

Realizing we still got a lot of game left, we're committed to passing on our Legos and open-sourcing our playbooks. Some milestones we've achieved:

317 Million
Users acquired

Since 2001, we've helped businesses acquire over 317,000,000 users. Holy crap, that's a lot more than we thought.

16 Million
Customers converted

We've implemented strategies to convert a shit ton of prospects to customers for our clients. Hmm, we should've started a business earlier.

$10 Million
Lifetime earnings

Yeah, we've done well. But there's a lot more to fulfillment too. We're open sourcing our playbooks to help you make more money than we ever could.

Net Promoter Score®

We asked 100 of our former clients about our work. 96 would highly recommend us. 4 wouldn't come near us again. Hey, nobody's perfect.

Bottles of Pepto Bismol

Dayyum, the journey hasn't been a cake walk. But we're still at it. Part of why we're here is to help you avoid the costly mistakes we've made.

Hair follicles on heads

OK, yes, we needed an attention grabbing metric to balance the flex child layout of this component. But seriously, Sam’s hair loss is no joking matter.

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What's important to us

We imagine a world where all knowledge workers have fair opportunities. They can learn, grow, and thrive in their career. Plus, gain access to tools that help them make more money and find their joy.

We're firm believers in the principles of people-first. When we put our team first, they put our customers first, and eventually our customers put us first. Even though we're not perfect, we always try to do the right thing.

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    We understand

    As a women- owned and minority woman - owned business, we understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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    More than just us

    We're in the process of overhauling our corporate structure and by-laws to embed the principles of the change we seek into our corporate DNA.

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    We love our planet

    1% of our gross revenueprocessed via Stripe is committed to carbon removal. We're a 100% carbon neutral company. We care about the environment.

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