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Ready to leave a lasting impact on 420 million freelancers around the world? Don't pay us a fat affiliate commission. Offer our readers an exclusive discount - it's a win-win, and a total no-brainer!

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Partner with Hey Rebekah

Improve your good karma and do a solid for the 420 million freelancers around the world. Instead of paying us a fat affiliate commission, we ask that you provide an exclusive discount to our readers. No brainer, right?

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Knowledge should be free

We imagine a world where all freelance professionals can build thriving careers so they can experience the joy of financial freedom and success.

A global community for freelancers by freelancers

Hey Rebekah is a free daily newsletter for freelancers. It's like Morning Brew powered by machine learning.

With 50 years of combined freelance experience, our team is committed to sharing elite insider knowledge free of cost.

We deliver world-class information, tools, and skills, empowering freelancers on their path to success and financial independence.

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How Hey Rebekah works

We're tapping into our extensive networks to bring the best-of-the-best together. Collaborating with partners, sponsors, creators, and employers, we create opportunities for the freelance community.

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The largest independent community of freelancers

Rebekah Radice is a well known digital marketing influencer. She's been a successful solopreneur and freelancer since 1998, building her expertise through hands-on experience.


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What we're looking for

Invest in the potential of freelancers

Treat our readers to exclusive discounts, rather than lining our pockets with fat affiliate commissions. It's a win-win that's sure to bring smiles all around.


Exclusive discount

If you already have an affiliate program, no problem. We'll waive any and all payments unconditionally. You'll never pay us in exchange for an exclusive1 Hey Rebekah reader discount.


Co-branded content

When it makes sense, let's join forces to create edutaining co-branded content for the freelance community. Together, we can help freelancers thrive through the adoption of your product.


Cross promotion

When appropriate, give us a shout out to boost our social posts about your brand. We'll keep you in the loop with a publishing calendar and are happy to coordinate campaigns with you too.

1Discounts are not public. They're reserved for qualified and subscribed readers upon request.

What to expect from us

Good karma, consistent channel, and a solid partner

We value our partnerships and take your trust seriously. We make a big thing out of announcing each partnership to our community across social, email, and live events.


Bespoke content developed just for your brand

Editorial pre-approval from your team


Featured original content produced for your product and the problems it solves for our readers


Co-branded, evergreen newsletter and social posts


Co-branded podcasts and live events


Transparent and accessible real-time reports


Still have questions about Hey Rebekah's Partner Program?

What's the vision for Hey Rebekah’s future?

We have a lot of great things planned. First, serving the needs of millions of freelancers via our daily newsletter. We've also got some killer technology enabled products on the way that will next level everything.

How can I get in touch with the Hey Rebekah team for more information?

Fill out the form on this page and our Community Advocate will get back to you. You may also give us a a call at (415) 727-4552 anytime.

Who reads Hey Rebekah?

Our target audience includes freelancers, self-employed professionals, solopreneurs, creators, and those who serve them. We also have a huge audience of digital marketing professionals who love our content.

How much does the partner program cost?

Nothing, nada, zilch. Our partner program is completely free to join. There are no costs or fees, ever, and we're happy to have your support in our community.

What's your privacy policy?

We take your privacy very seriously. We will not and do not sell any of your information. Read all about it here.

What are the requirements to become a Hey Rebekah partner?

We team up with brands that we adore and we know our readers will too. Being real is our thing, and we make sure everybody ends up a winner.

Can partners join in or co-host podcasts, webinars, or other promos?

We'd love it. Once we're both comfy with each other, you're welcome to join us as a guest on podcasts, webinars, or other promos.

Can we team up to create new stuff?

You bet. We're always game for teaming up on cool projects like playbooks, case studies, and guides. Got an idea? Lob it our way.

Still have questions?