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Slow to Flow

A Model for Life

Ever wonder where your time really goes? A 22-year-old software developer wondered the same thing and found the answer the way only a developer could.

By Kristen Dahlin

1 min read

For 5 years, Trevor Sweet—a 22 year old software developer— became a human hourglass. He’s been counting every hour of his life and organizing the data into categories:

  • Sleep
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Dating/Partner
  • School
  • Work
  • Productive
  • Hobbies & Skills
  • Relaxation & Leisure
  • Waste
  • Health
  • Travel

Reddit | u/_tweezy_

Fascinating habits

When he posted his project to Reddit in January, it became a hit. People were fascinated and he was overwhelmed by the response. Trevor says he’s going to keep tracking his days because he sees no reason to stop.

It helps me put certain events in my life into perspective.

Trevor Sweet

If you're curious about turning your life into a color-coded masterpiece, then take a look at his post and the data. It's like next-level journaling with a geeky twist. And you get to pick the colors!

You might just surprise yourself with all the insights you'll uncover about where your time goes.

Kristen Dahlin

About Kristen Dahlin

Kristen fell into content marketing between Disneyland gigs and Hawaiian weddings. With a few years of SEO-fueled freelance under her belt, she wandered into tech. That winding path eventually landed her as a founding team member of BRIL.LA.