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Awkward Conversations

Susan Rov
April 3, 2023
min read
Dealing with Clients in the Style of Dali
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🤖 The gist

Getting hired on freelance platforms can feel like living in a fancy hotel.

The experience comes with a hefty price tag.

Back when I was freelancing, the fees were less exorbitant. But even then, billing clients directly seemed like a sweet deal.

So when I received a direct-client referral, I didn't invite them to the Upwork hotel. I stuck to my own cozy bed and breakfast.

Then one day, that client took the fluffy robe and skipped town without paying me.

It was a bitter realization that the platform fee I had scoffed at would have guaranteed my payment and given me the assurance I needed. It's better to absorb the cost than to return home empty-handed.

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