Blazing Trails

Kristen Dahlin
March 21, 2023
min read
Balancing SEO Ranking in the Style of Lichtenstein
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🤖 The gist

SEO content can take several months to rank.

But business owners often expect quick results.

Kristen, our copywriter, faced this mismatch of expectations with her clients countless times. No matter how good her strategy was, climbing the Google peak wasn’t fast enough.

She was determined to find a solution that would allow everyone to enjoy the view from the top at the same time. She started implementing an SEO strategy 3 months before the client’s product launch.

It paid off. When the content went live, it ranked number one straight away. But the product launch?

It got delayed by four months. 🫠

She was already planting a flag at the top while her clients were still 3,000 feet below.

Remember that it's normal to take more than one week to see results from your SEO efforts. Don't let the delay discourage you.

Keep climbing and you'll eventually reach the summit.

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