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Helicopter Bosses

Susan Rov
March 16, 2023
min read
Storytelling Magic in the Style of Picasso
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🤖 The gist

Have you ever come across a cool parent-style leader?

Let us fill you in.

Back when we started freelancing, we were still recovering from the helicopter parenting of corporate life. We assumed that being a laidback and supportive leader was the way to go.

We were handing out extra allowance and enabling the crazy dreams of our colleagues.

Then it hit us.

This probably wasn’t the right way to put our work family first. We ended up supporting bad ideas and avoided giving critical feedback.

On an important project, we enabled the overly bold ideas of the designer. It almost cost us a huge gig. The client was pissed and we doubled back to redo the whole project.

Now we know that it’s good to have our colleagues’ backs but we need to stay radically candid. It will save you a lot of money on family counseling.

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