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Hey Rebekah's Business Plan Part 4

Rebekah Radice
January 31, 2023
min read
A person creating a business plan putting puzzle pieces together in the style of picasso
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What's the Plan!? Part 4

Alright, hold onto your hats, because you’re about to dive into the juicy part. For the past of couple weeks, it's like we've been playing a game of slow-motion-business-planning and you've been snoozin' through the first third of the adventure. Now you’re ready for a bang. 💥

We've covered the serious stuff of finding out the problems faced by self-employed professionals. It's time to put on our flashy-thinking-caps.

It's time to find the solutions that will guide building our business strategy.

Looking at things differently

In pursuit of our disruptive business idea, we have to embrace the power of being a contrarian. Taking a fresh look at the problems and saying 'Hey Rebekah, what if we did things differently?’

It forces us to uncover the bold opportunity lurking within the fog of old ideas. It’s like that feeling you get when you find $5 in the pocket of the jeans that just came out of the wash.

Doing something meaningful and fulfilling in the process? That’s the spirit!

An illustration of a brain in a storm in the style of Lichtenstein
An illustration of a brain in a storm in the style of Lichtenstein | Hugging Face by Stable Diffusion 2.1

Improving access

People told us that they need information to help them with their work. However, it takes hours digging through the wrong information to find the right stuff when it’s free. And they’re not confident about paying for expensive courses, because they often suck.

  • Problem: Content is gated behind expensive courses
  • Problem: Access to insider knowledge/ best practices is restricted

Solution: Make premium content free for our readers! Give away all our Legos and invite our industry friends to do the same.

Improving skills

Self-employed professionals want to get better at what they do. And they want to wow their customers with better relationship management.

  • Problem: Need help improving skills they use for delivery
  • Problem: Want to do better at getting, keeping, and growing their customers

Solution: Focus on actionable content with our Playbooks revealing exactly how we do it for ourselves and for clients. Top it off with delicious knowledge salsa from our friends.

Improving results

They want a way to build sustainable and predictable income. They’re looking for scalable and repeatable processes to skyrocket growth.

  • Problem: Figure out how to build economies of scale within their business

Our business strategy based on solutions to these problems?: Share specific examples of how we run our business and how we’ve helped others run theirs including people, process, and technology needed to scale. Create open source recipes they can steal like an artist. Highlight case studies from various industry professionals for inspiration.

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