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Complex Communication

Client communication is a roller coaster. Adapt your approach, be flexible, and embrace the highs and lows for successful rides.

By Ambreen Dar

2 min read

Client communication can be a wild roller coaster ride. One of my escapades designing a calendar for a client turned into a heart-pounding adventure, with unexpected twists and turns at every corner.

I strapped myself in, ready to conquer the creative curve. But the client refused to respond, keeping me on the edge of my seat, and making correspondence a nail-biting challenge.

But I wasn't one to back down and decided to take a more structured approach.

I increased velocity with regular updates and hoped to improve the gravitational forces of communication.

To my surprise, the ride took a sudden turn. Instead of the anticipated surge of responsiveness, the client left my messages hanging mid-air.

Just when I thought I'd reached the peak of frustration, the client catapulted and revealed their preference for quick calls. The introvert in me felt my heart plunge.

Zoom calls? Really?

With nerves of steel, I adjusted my strategy to match their preference, steering the buggy onto a different track.

The loops and spins of this ride taught me that effective communication is never a one-size-fits-all experience. You have to be flexible, adjust your seatbelt and be ready to embrace the highs and lows.

Now, during the onboarding process, I align my communication approach with each client's unique track. Is that something you do as well?

Ambreen Dar

About Ambreen Dar

Ambreen designs for thrillseekers. She left the classroom behind to chase adventures in publishing, then dove into digital marketing's deep end. New tricks abound, but Ambreen's four furry fans still think she's top dog. Alongside Rebekah and Sam, Ambreen makes BRIL.LA's magic - and wouldn't have it any other way.