Slow to Flow

Cool Down

Susan Rov
March 3, 2023
min read
Slow work in a style of Vincent van Gogh.
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🤖 The gist

As freelancers we tried to do too much.

We kept taking on more work and saying yes to clients. Then it started to feel like we were lifting beyond our weight.

So we leaned into our regimen by waking up at 5 am every day. We thought it would buy us more time and we’d be more productive.

We hit the first set hard.

But then we burned out. We were fatigued, unfocused, and our work suffered. We realized the right technique is more important than intensity.

We learned our lesson.

Every Friday, we take out time to remind you to take it slow. Build your freelancing strength gradually, with proper form, and avoid overexertion.

You’ll be able to lift more load and recover better.

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