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Making Connections

A cool new way to collaborate on a data-integrated sheet.

By Ambreen Dar

2 min read

Spreadsheet innovation

Ah, spreadsheets. For most, dreadful. Unless, you focus on accounting/finance or have a business consulting practice. Then, spreadsheets are your bread and butter.

But let's be real, they're not exactly user-friendly and haven't changed much in 40 years either.

Have you ever spent hours trying to figure out why your formulas aren't working? Or consolidating data from one sheet to the other and have the entire workbook crash? 🤦🏿‍♀️ We know we have.

A complex spreadsheet in the style of Disney artsation. By Stabble Diffusion 2.1 It just looks fuzzy

A faster and connected sheet, Equals

For Hey Rebekah, we're looking for ways to improve the aggregation and analysis of our data. Not just to run the business, or keep track of money, but to mostly improve the product experience for our readers.

For this, we've been exploring Equals. It's a pretty cool way to collaborate on a data-integrated sheet. In our use case, we'll be able to connect directly to our Big Query data warehouse and perform analysis. It's inclusive too, in that it's for people who know SQL and for those with No SQL. See what we did there?

In the past, when working with high-growth companies and startups, we'd depend on more static financial models like this one here. Boring!

In the right scenario, Equals makes these static models obsolete with real-time data connections. It makes it easy for anyone to access and analyze the data. This is a huge opportunity to consider for your accounting/finance, data analysis, and or data science practice too. The applications are endless.

Head over to Equals and let us know what you think. We'll be open sourcing our Equals playbook soon, and will share specific examples on how you can make money with that.

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