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Slow to Flow

Mastering the 4-day Workweek

4-day workweeks aren’t just about having an extra day off to catch up on The Last of Us. Although, let's be real, that's a pretty sweet perk too.

By Rebekah Radice

3 min read

No, it's not an awkward urinary condition. It's one of the most important Legos we have to offer you. It's a topic we'll be writing about a lot.

Slow to Flow is a way of thinking, a way of life. It's intentional. It boils down to:

  • Slowing down in your life
  • Prioritizing what's important to you
  • Being intentional with your time
  • Finding your flow

Sounds pretty generic right? But think about how the world has changed since 2020. For a while there, everything stopped. For many, everything changed. For some, it got worse.

For us, our reliance on technology and devices increased. We had to be in "always on" mode. We never unplugged, we didn't disconnect. Then came the burnout. Not to mention the $1,424 in Apple Store charges we racked up for Candy Crush level 177.

What we did next may surprise you, unless you've been paying attention.

We slowed down.

Over the next few weeks, we'll share more about our observations, journeys, and progress. Of course it's unique for everyone, but maybe you'll relate to one of our stories. First, we'll focus on the 4 day workweek.

‍4 days to life changing

4-day workweeks aren’t just about having an extra day off to catch up on The Last of Us. Although, let's be real, that's a pretty sweet perk too.

For us, they’re about taking control and being intentional with our time.

4-day workweek at Hey Rebekah

We work smart Monday through Thursday. Then we reclaim Friday as a day for ourselves. We're not just talking about a take-it-easy Friday. We mean a full-on, can't-be-bothered-with-work Friday.

While it may not be practical for everyone in every situation, here’s how self-employed professionals can give it a go.

Set a goal and draft a plan

  • Pick a start date and work backwards
  • Tell everyone you work with about the change, including clients, colleagues, and even family
  • Reassess your workload and schedule to fit the 4-day week
  • Practice it before your start date so you're ready to rock and roll
  • Have a plan for those rare Friday emergencies. Some clients just won't get it
  • Enforce it and stick to it

Enjoy the benefits

Then comes the best part. Studies indicate that adopters of the 4-day workweek are happier and more fulfilled than their former selves.

However, the productivity gains are entirely up to you. It's not automatic. It's a reward you have to earn each week.

So let us know your thoughts and when you're making the switch.

Rebekah Radice

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Rebekah Radice, co-founder of BRIL.LA, has traded narcissism for purpose. When not driving growth, you'll find her tricking family into thinking she's Emeril Lagasse - likely covered in marinara. The spotlight was fun, but impact is better. These days she's using 20+ years of brand brilliance for good.