Running Your Business

Dream Destinations

Susan Rov
March 22, 2023
min read
Managing Work in the Style of Basquiat
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🤖 The gist

Managing our time as freelancers can be difficult.

Projects and deadlines came at us from all sides, like a lot of flights arriving all at once. We didn’t know where to look first.

Sure, spontaneously jumping on a plane might lead to some amazing places. But without a plan, we could get lost and end up stranded.

To keep ourselves organized, we set up a robust time management system.

We didn’t skip over any tool.

We had an app for focus, a spreadsheet for productivity, and a custom Notion template for our schedule.

Ironically, keeping track of all these systems took up so much time, that it sidetracked us from actually doing the work.

Then, we centralized everything in one place and used it as a reliable compass to guide us through unfamiliar terrain. Now, we can reach our dream destinations.

We wish there was a tour guide for managing work.

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