The Gist

Eagle's Eye

Susan Rov
March 17, 2023
min read
Jungle Meeting with Animals in the style of Stick Figures
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🤖 The gist

Working with other people?

It can sometimes feel like dealing with another species.

Recently we were finalizing a marketing plan. Some of the team members had different ideas about it and weren’t on the same page. The kangaroos suggested jumping straight to the finish line. While the night owls wanted to stare down the competition for a while.

To find a way forward we set up a meeting to resolve questions, get aligned, and move on.

But the ostrich who didn’t voice their opinion at the session ended up burying their head into the sand. Then everything steered off course and chaos ensued.

When the kingdom doesn't stay on the same page your business can transform into a wild jungle pretty quickly.

Now we make sure we always voice our inner hisses.

To balance the hard work of the week, every Friday, we hit pause and head to a tranquil forest to take it slow.

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