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Epic Quests

Maintaining on-page SEO is like completing side quests in an RPG. Starting from scratch, I overlooked orphaned pages. Start small, prioritize, and conquer the SERP one battle at a time.

By Kristen Dahlin

1 min read

Maintaining strong on-page SEO is similar to completing every side quest in an open-world RPG.

Sure, it seems like a good idea until you're 20 hours in, fueled by caffeine and regret.

As the resident expert and spreadsheet fanatic, I organized what I thought was a foolproof plan—migrate our WordPress site to Webflow and level up our visibility game. How hard could it be?

Cue a montage of late nights poring over site maps, metadata grids, and one too many Starbucks runs.

Turns out pretty hard. In my zeal to start from scratch, I overlooked 119 orphaned pages—that’s 119 potential journeys into the heart of our content, gone in a click. I swear I heard the Google Index chuckle at my hubris.

When facing a beast of a website, start small or end up defeated. Focus on priority areas first, then move zone by zone, like tackling baddies in Call of Duty.

On-site optimization requires patience, adaptability, and in my case, a thicker pair of glasses.

The war may never end, but win enough small battles, and you’ll conquer the SERP. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some metadata to optimize.

Kristen Dahlin

About Kristen Dahlin

Kristen fell into content marketing between Disneyland gigs and Hawaiian weddings. With a few years of SEO-fueled freelance under her belt, she wandered into tech. That winding path eventually landed her as a founding team member of BRIL.LA.