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Slow to Flow

Escape the Noise

Small Steps, Smell the Roses, & Success Mountain

By Susan Rov

1 min read

In the past, work was all I thought about. Even with my partner, every conversation seemed to revolve around our jobs. It was omnipresent and, therefore, an easy default topic.

I was going through life only focusing on the trail ahead, missing out on the breathtaking scenery around me.

To change this, I created a new rule—no work discussions after signing off. I thought it would open up new horizons and allow us to talk about the beauty of everyday life.

But I soon realized I had nothing else to say because my entire day was consumed by work.

I couldn't appreciate the roses because I never stopped to smell them.

That's when I challenged myself to go off the beaten path. After completing my daily tasks, I made a conscious effort to meet friends and engage in other activities.

This approach helped me take my mind off work and gave me new conversation topics at home. To my surprise, it also made me more productive when I returned to my tasks.

Susan Rov

About Susan Rov

Susan traded cocktails and lattes for words that move. As a copywriter on a mission to end boring, she brightens brands and makes an impact. Number 463 on the list of fiction readers left standing, you'll find Susan at sunrise—running, writing, and wondering how to change the world next. That drive led her to become a founding team member of BRIL.LA.