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Flawless Masterpiece

Incomplete briefs are like solving a puzzle without all the pieces. Guide clients to avoid Picasso-Dali collaborations.

By Ambreen Dar

1 min read

Imagine trying to solve a complex puzzle but missing a crucial part. As a designer, I frequently encounter jigsaws in my work. But none so perplexing as the incomplete brief.

Let's rewind to a project where I was hired to design an annual report. I sent a comprehensive list of requirements and requested high-resolution logos to begin. This time, I had preempted the brief and thought I'd breeze through in no time.

My enthusiasm was short-lived. The client responded with a link to their website and instructions to "simply use the logo from there." They refused to play along and I nearly passed out.

Using a low-resolution logo for print is like fitting a corner piece into the wrong spot—it simply doesn't align.

The final result I delivered was more of a haphazard assembly than the flawlessly finished showpiece I had envisioned.

Never assume that your clients fully grasp the placement of each element. Take the time to guide them through each part.

Otherwise, you might end up with a final product that resembles a Picasso-Dali collaboration... interesting, but not quite a masterpiece.

Ambreen Dar

About Ambreen Dar

Ambreen designs for thrillseekers. She left the classroom behind to chase adventures in publishing, then dove into digital marketing's deep end. New tricks abound, but Ambreen's four furry fans still think she's top dog. Alongside Rebekah and Sam, Ambreen makes BRIL.LA's magic - and wouldn't have it any other way.