The Gist

Focus Mode Failed Us

Susan Rov
March 2, 2023
min read
Rough seas in a style of Leonardo da Vinci.
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🤖 The Gist

Running a small business feels like sailing on rough seas.

The daily tasks come from all sides. Not to mention the wave of notifications demanding our attention.

We came up with a solution to keep our bow on course. We activated focus mode on our phones to help us keep our eyes on the horizon and avoid the barrage of endless notifications.

Suddenly, we were able to sail through our workdays with the wind on our backs.

Our cleverness led us to troubled waters. While we were powering through the tasks, there was a calendar notification we didn’t see. We missed an important meeting and hit a reef.

Luckily, not all was lost. We adjusted the navigation system and allowed important notifications to breeze through.

Now it’s back to smooth sailing.

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