The Gist

Sleep Problems

Susan Rov
March 13, 2023
min read
An illustration of night and day in the style of Miro
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🤖 The gist

Ever struggled to get enough sleep on the weekend?

We know we have.

During the week, we play hard. We put in long days to get through all the tasks. Like an artist, we can be spitting rhymes past bedtime when inspiration strikes.

The daily grind was creating an irregular sleep schedule. So during the time off, we intended to put on a chill playlist and wake up late.

The problem was that even on the weekend, our bodies stayed clocked on the weekday beats. We couldn’t sleep in because our internal DJs didn’t want to miss a single drop.

Now we try to keep the weekend and weekday sleep schedules more in sync. Not pushing towards burnout helps us get more done and switch off when we want.

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