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Running Your Business

Hey Rebekah's Tech Stack

Look under the hood at the 45+ tools we use to run our business.

By Ambreen Dar

•1 min read

Many of you have probably lost countless nights of sleep trying to figure out what stack we're using to power Hey Rebekah. 🤪

When examining the email newsletter publishing market, we decided to approach it from a different perspective. Yep, you guessed it—those first principles again.

We envy the creative magic of industry leaders like our heroes at Morning Brew. The struggle to have our content even considered in the same realm as theirs is the first part of the equation. The second, is using our experience to leverage technology to make the first part easier and to a degree, more predictable.

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Hey Rebekah was built with‍

We introduce you to the first iteration of our tech stack. The Hey Rebekah's Built With directory lists all of our tools with a short description of how we use them.

In the second phase, we'll be sharing:

  • Specific recipes we use with each app that you can copy
  • Recipes you can copy to connect the apps we use to each other
  • Discounts on these tools for our readers

We don't make a dime from any affiliate links and hope to pass on that potential revenue to you instead. We'll keep you posted!

Wait for it..

Feast your eyes on the mind-blowing, 45+ tools we use to power our business.

Want to share your stack with us? Send us an email and let us know what you're using.

Ambreen Dar

About Ambreen Dar

Ambreen designs for thrillseekers. She left the classroom behind to chase adventures in publishing, then dove into digital marketing's deep end. New tricks abound, but Ambreen's four furry fans still think she's top dog. Alongside Rebekah and Sam, Ambreen makes BRIL.LA's magic - and wouldn't have it any other way.