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Susan Rov
March 28, 2023
min read
Deciding on a price in the Style of Picasso
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🤖 The gist

Setting the right price for freelance services is tough.

Just like selling fruit at a market, I wanted to make my pricing attractive and also make a profit.

At first, I copied the big shots' prices. But no customers flocked to my stall.

Refusing to give up, I expanded my display and showcased my talents on various freelance platforms. I started applying for every possible job, discounted my rate, and started spinning a big sign outside my stand.

Eventually, it paid off.

However, I got swamped by agreeing to every offer. I found myself juggling tasks until burnout hit me like a ton of ripe melons.

Turns out that trying to entice everyone with competitive pricing isn’t the best approach. Creating my own system for estimating jobs helped to keep my freelance business balanced and thriving.

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