Project Management

Overdue Tasks

Susan Rov
March 1, 2023
min read
Losing streak in poker in a style of Pablo Picasso.
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🤖 The gist

Last week, we found ourselves on a bit of a losing streak.

The overdue tasks were piling up and we had a lot of things in progress. Nothing was getting the green checkmark.

We felt that if things didn’t start moving, our whole launch plan could collapse like a house of cards.

Instead of folding, we decided to shuffle things up and set up a daily team stand-up meeting. Our plan was to talk it through, reveal the blockers, and boost collaboration.

Then a funny thing happened. After everyone showed their hands, we realized that we were each getting in our own way.

However, we still had some aces up our sleeves. We committed to calling out each other’s bluffs.

Now, we feel like we’ve got a winning hand again.

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