Running Your Business

Focus on Passions

Susan Rov
March 14, 2023
min read
An illustration of the path to success in the style of Degas
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🤖 The gist

Cruising on the freelance highway has its perks.

We chose that road because we preferred to pick our own gigs. Plus, it would allow us to pursue our passion projects. We thought we had a plan to manage both.

Our team hit the pedal on high-priority client tasks. Then shifted into cruise control to focus on our stuff.

But the accumulating jobs kept us stuck in the fast lane. Not to mention that our personal pursuits required us to rev up the engine.

While we kept spinning our wheels, we realized we couldn't do both. Our dreams were collecting dust in the garage.

We shifted gears when it was time to take our passion project—Hey Rebekah—for a spin. Everything else was left behind in the rearview mirror.

Going off-road is always risky but we’re buckled up and ready to go.

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