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Artificial Intelligence

Pedal to the Metal

Navigating the rapid-fire updates to OpenAI.

By Susan Rov

1 min read

The changing world of AI is hard to keep up with. It can feel like driving on a mountain road—exhilarating, but overwhelming and full of sharp turns.

In fact, it's similar to maneuvering through the iOS or Android landscape on overdrive.

To stay ahead, we decided to buckle up and adopt OpenAI's stable release version. We used it to start building our Hey Rebekah assistant prototypes.

Just as we thought we were cruising along smoothly, OpenAI released one new version after another.

This forced us to slam the brakes.

We had to refuel and update everything we'd done so far.

The good news was that the latest updates were a lot more cost-effective. Plus, they had many cool features. We were able to incorporate them and make our initial release even better.

Have you embraced the wild ride of AI innovation?

Susan Rov

About Susan Rov

Susan traded cocktails and lattes for words that move. As a copywriter on a mission to end boring, she brightens brands and makes an impact. Number 463 on the list of fiction readers left standing, you'll find Susan at sunrise—running, writing, and wondering how to change the world next. That drive led her to become a founding team member of BRIL.LA.