Slow to Flow

Productive Symphony

Susan Rov
March 31, 2023
min read
Ignoring to-do lists in the Style of Picasso
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🤖 The gist

Working from home with a partner is like a synchronized dance.

Timing and coordination are key.

Last year, I waltzed between different places around the world. This meant I had to improvise my workstation. I often logged in from random spots around the house.

Like the kitchen table or the couch.

When I finally settled in one place, I decided to invest in a proper office setup.

Now I had a desk, a second monitor, and my own chair. I hoped this would give me a performance boost and relief from back pain.

But my partner and I discovered that our duet wasn't always in sync. When we both had calls at the same time, I had to tango my way back to the kitchen table. 🫠

I've learned to enjoy the stage change though.

Plus, I appreciate the proximity to snacks without the judgmental eyes of my dancing partner.

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