Artificial Intelligence

Rapid Fire

Susan Rov
March 23, 2023
min read
Using ChatGPT in the Style of Gustav Klimt
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🤖 The gist

We have a ChatGPT confession that we’re not exactly proud of. 🙈

We were facing a major battle with our workload.

Identifying the Jobs-to-be-Done for the 101 different freelancing roles was a mission-critical assignment on our task list.

If we did it the old-fashioned way, it would have taken us weeks. So, we turned to ChatGPT to speed things up.

We were warned about a potential ambush if we relied too much on this digital force.

But we didn’t listen.

The AI soldier impressed us with its rapid-fire responses. The output appeared flawless and lured us into a trap.

But when we reviewed the work, we saw past ChatGPT's shiny armor. The responses were repetitive, sometimes incorrect, and merely skimmed the surface. We had to regroup and redo everything from scratch.

We learned our lesson after a tough defeat.

Use AI to help you dig the trenches, but do the important stuff yourself.

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