Slow to Flow

Rethinking Journeys

Susan Rov
February 15, 2023
min read
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🤖 The gist

Running your own business is great. As long as invoices get paid on time and scopes aren’t being stretched into neighboring countries.

But it turns out that an unsupervised freelancer under pressure can start acting like a kid at a candy store.

After the third self-imposed sugar high of the day, you realize it would be nice to share the donuts with someone else.

That’s when it’s time to bring in the big guns, a team. Because let’s face it, sometimes you need someone else to hold your hand and tell you that it’s time to put down the candy and pick up a vegetable.

Before you dive into your social media marketing for the 568th day in a row, take a moment for yourself.

Drink your coffee before reading your emails. Step into the sunlight then tackle those user journey maps.

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