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Heavy workload and multitasking during meetings don't mix well. Prioritize tasks and give full attention for better focus.

By Raquel Radice

1 min read

Struggling with a heavy workload? Then meetings are the last thing you want to see on your calendar.

It was a challenge for me. No matter how hard I tried to concentrate, pending tasks were on my mind.

Trying to be efficient, I did some work during the meetings. I kept an ear on the conversation and thought I was being slick.

But it was like doing a crossword puzzle while watching a ball game. In my head, I was multitasking. But the reality?

I was missing all the action.

Instead of a mad productivity hack, I just found a new way of being mediocre at both.

Want to hear the worst part?

Because I missed out on valuable info, the meetings had to last longer. Obviously, this slowed me down even more. I had to rewind and watch the whole game again.

Now I know it's better to prioritize tasks and give my full attention to each one separately. This way, I can tackle my work with more focus.

Raquel Radice

About Raquel Radice

Raquel lives for the thrill of new horizons. Twelve years at Apple fueled her appetite for learning and honed skills in tech, PM, marketing and beyond. Restless curiosity led Raquel to BRIL.LA, where she ensures seamless days and butt-kicking outcomes.