Slow to Flow

Slow Burn

Susan Rov
February 24, 2023
min read
Fire in the style of Van Gogh
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🤖 The gist

At the end of each week, we switch gears at Hey Rebekah to share some thoughts on #slowtoflow. It’s our productivity framework that helps us stay focused.

It enables us to squeeze 7 days of work into our 4-day workweek.

To avoid burnout, we lean into our chronotypes. We listen to our body’s internal clock to prioritize our schedules and get $#!t done during our peak.

We get through the hefty tasks while our brains cooperate. Then, move on to low-effort stuff once concentration starts throwing a tantrum.

Our calendars are brilliant displays of colors and blocks.

This optimized system makes us feel like pros. Until the product team drops their 3-month feedback loop on us. Now, we’re overhauling the whole newsletter.

Did we mention they scheduled all the sessions from 7-11am? Smack in the middle of our productivity rainbow.

Today, we’ll help you prevent going into overdrive, shorten the workweek for maximum productivity gains, and celebrate those saying nah to the hustle and yas to slowing down.

🔥 Pursue happiness. Rise from the ashes

  • Take a break: Burnout sneaks up on you, but there are ways to prevent it. Find balance, set boundaries, and keep an eye out for warning signs.
Instagram | @thepresentpsychologist

  • Before catching fire: Don’t wait with taking a break until it’s too late. Take a page from this entrepreneur’s book and set the time to be present, explore your interests, and pursue what makes you truly happy.
  • This teacher took a break on her own terms. She burnt out but rose from the ashes like a phoenix.

⏳ Get more done. Have more time for yourself

  • Good news: You don’t always have to throw in the towel to get more job satisfaction. There’s a magic potion more businesses are adopting. It’s to innovate the way we work and embrace the 4-day workweek.
  • Try it yourself: One way to conquer your to-do list in four days is by using these 16 productivity systems. Spend the fifth day doing the things you love.
  • Optimizing your weeks for both work and play will make it easier to live with the idea that we only have 4,000 weeks up for grabs…

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