Artificial Intelligence

Tired Bikes

Susan Rov
February 7, 2023
min read
Tired Bikes in the Style of Dali
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🤖 The gist

As we procrastinate eating a 🐸, we reflect on the things we don’t miss about going to the office.

The daily commute is definitely up there. We don’t think anyone should have to deal with the stress of congested traffic before they’ve had their second cup.

In the Netherlands, they tried to solve this headache-inducing issue with bicycles. There, more than 30 percent of all urban trips are made on old-school pedal bikes. 🚴🏼‍♀️

While we appreciate the solution and the sustainable benefits that come with it—having to exercise just to get to work isn’t exactly our idea of a tranquil morning either.

In the US, people clearly share our sentiments. Bikes are used for less than one percent of all urban trips.

Or is that because our bikes are tired?👇🏽

🥱 or 🛞 🚲

Imagine you’re looking for fresh ideas for your bike shop’s website content. You’ve heard all about this amazing new tool called ChatGPT and decide to give it a try. You input your prompt spinning the wheel of ideas.

Instead of a brainstorming session, the LLM goes on a deep philosophical tangent. One that makes you stop to reflect on whether it’s on to something despite the total fail. 😅

We’re all for using generative AI as a tool that makes your daily grind easier. However, this is another interesting example of why you shouldn’t put all your faith in the technology just yet.

So could this rather unique piece of copywriting serve as a powerful angle to address poverty and inequality? We’ll never know. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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