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Running Your Business

Uncomfortable Alliances

Finding clients as a freelancer is like hunting bounties in a galaxy of competitors. Build alliances, but stay focused.

By Ambreen Dar

1 min read

In a galaxy filled with countless bounty hunters, how can one find their next quarry?

A question that plagues all freelancers in the Republic.

When I began my journey, I roamed far and wide, sending holo-messages and applying for bounties. It was a tiresome dance, and in the end, efforts were as scarce as Meiloorun fruit on Tatooine.

The issue? Potential clients didn't know me. It was like trying to convince a Jawa to trade droids at a Sith gathering.

So, I forged a new path.

I set about building alliances and establishing a network of informants in my field. This strategy allowed me to track down targets specifically suited to my skills.

Instead of waiting for a summons from the Guild, I ventured directly into the heart of the action.

But beware, fellow Mandalorians, networking can consume your time like a sarlacc pit. Soon, there was too little to focus on the bounties themselves.

While forging alliances is vital in this line of work, don't get carried away. Remember, this is the way, but don't let the way derail your mission.

Ambreen Dar

About Ambreen Dar

Ambreen designs for thrillseekers. She left the classroom behind to chase adventures in publishing, then dove into digital marketing's deep end. New tricks abound, but Ambreen's four furry fans still think she's top dog. Alongside Rebekah and Sam, Ambreen makes BRIL.LA's magic - and wouldn't have it any other way.