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10 Free Tools to Make Blogging Easier

By Rebekah Radice

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There are a ton of free blog tools that can help with everything from keyword research to creating beautiful graphics for your blog.But how do you know which ones are best?The 10 free tools below are valuable to you as an online marketer, blogger or digital strategist. They'll make blogging easier and faster!

10 FREE Tools to Make Blogging Easier

1. Evernote

Have you ever found yourself surfing the web researching your next blog topic, only to find you needed a quick and easy way to capture that information?Evernote not only allows you to capture that info on your PC or Mac, but also sync it to your other devices, making the information accessible from wherever you are.I’ve used Evernote for years to organize and house anything from research material to a grocery list.There are a million ways to use it, and the more I play around with it, the more reasons I love this tool.

2. Scribefire

Scribefire is a Firefox, Chrome, Opera & Safari add-on (sorry IE users) that makes posting a breeze.You can access Scribefire directly from your browser and throw together a quick blog that you can easily post to your site.If you’re a serious blogger, this is a tool to check out!Side note: If you’re on a Mac, another option is Writeroom.

3. Post Planner

Oh how I love Post Planner! Similar to Hootsuite, Post Planner allows you to find, plan, and post all content to Facebook and Twitter.With Post Planner, you can search Popular folders to find top performing content across the web.No more searching for that perfect post or tweet. Simply scroll through, check the star ratings for virality, and schedule the content.You can also search through the huge database of Status Ideas to help with your blog content promotion.


4. Flickr Images

Flick Creative Commons is a way for bloggers to keep their backsides out of a sling.With creative commons, you can choose from different licensing options, rather than simply “borrowing” an online image.No one wants to find themselves on the wrong end of a copyright lawsuit!

5. Feedly

My husband asks how I keep up with as many blogs as I do, and all in less than 30 minutes per day.I tell him it’s simple – you just need a way to manage or aggregate all that information.I subscribe to over 200 blogs, and all show up in one place – Feedly!It takes the stress of tracking down blog ideas and keeping up with guideline changes completely off my shoulders!


6. Google Alerts

Google Alerts are an easy way to monitor specific topics with a click of a button.I enter the topic I’m interested in, and Google scans the web for relevant information.Once I’ve created my search within this “set it and forget it” system, Google will send emails throughout the day with related content.I use this to monitor social media updates, industry events and local happenings.An added bonus: Monitor your brand on the web by adding your name to your Google Alerts.

7. LinkWithin

This Wordpress plugin automatically displays links and thumbnail images to related posts within your blog.You can choose to show the links on your home page or single blog pages only.Don’t let dust collect on those past posts – link within your site!

8. BuzzSumo

Not only can you research top performing content based on social shares, but with BuzzSumo, you can easily see what your competition is blogging aboutThis is a terrific research tool, and one I can't live without.

how to use buzzsumo

9. NetworkedBlogs

If you have a blog and a Facebook account, than you need Networked Blogs.Promote your blog automatically by syndicating your feed to your page as soon as you post it.Networked Blogs make advertising your blog painless and trouble free.

10. Animoto

A super flexible online video editor that allows you to mix videos, images, music, text and effects to create standard or high-definition online videos.Check out a few of their sample videos to get a feel for what Animoto can do for you.Another option is StupeflixYour first video is free. After that, their standard pricing model is designed for high-volume production, but plans are also available for less frequent use.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line:If you create content that captures the attention of your readers and motivates them to take action, blogging will become fun and rewarding.Hit the publish button, promote your blogs, and watch your words take flight.

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