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10 Pinterest Do's That’ll Make You a Better Marketer

By Rebekah Radice

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Wondering how you can use Pinterest to market your business?I get it!With the ever-evolving world of online marketing, more and more entrepreneurs are targeting internet-savvy customers through Pinterest.Sure, social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube are great, but Pinterest has become a business marketing powerhouse.While this platform caters to visually driven products, it can work for almost any industry willing to creatively create or re-purpose existing content in an eye-catching way.Ready to start marketing your business with Pinterest? These top 10 Pinterest do’s will make you a better marketer!

10 Pinterest Do's That’ll Make You a Better Marketer

1. Research

Research your target audience and the content they are most interested in pinning. Take the time to identify what images and products speak to them and then share it on well-organized, keyword-rich boards.A little time spent strategically incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy will create synergy with your personal brand and other online collateral.It will also encourage pinning and inspire your audience to take further action.

2. Explain

Create boards that offer a detailed description, explain pricing, availability, and location of the product. Do not make your potential clients hunt and peck for information.This causes frustration, and frustration can lead to a lost sales opportunity.Since I love pinning (and wearing) pretty little things and love my pups, including my rescue, this jewelry pin speaks to me in its description, design and spirit in which the company gives.

3. Captivate

Include captivating images that inspire and attract people to your Pinterest page.What pictures make your potential customer oooh and ahhh?Capture those images and share them with those eager to help spread your marketing message enthusiastically!

4. Ask

Want people to take a specific action? Tell them by including a call to action statement.Too many online marketers shy away from directing a buyer, but that is exactly what you should do.Want them to repin or click-through to your product? Put that in the description or add it as a banner across your image.

5. Be Genuine

Be yourself and show people your creativity. What inspires you and your personal brand? Share that in unique ways that align with who you are and what matters most to you and your consumer.People sense when you aren’t authentic. Transparency breeds trust, and trust builds relationships.Work to share what truly speaks to you. Those clients you want to reach will be drawn to what you share and the tone and voice in which you share it.

6. Include Keywords

Include keywords in your captions. Keywords make an item searchable and can boost SEO and traffic. Your keywords might be your company name, the type of product you offer, or the consumer you are hoping to reach. e.g. health foodUsing these keywords will make a significant difference in your reach and increase the likelihood that your content will appear in the search results.

7. Be Original

Create original content and pin it to Pinterest, bringing versatility and diverse marketing to your brand. Have you created an original book of recipes that includes a detailed how-to for each one?Share each recipe and how-to’s separately and pin them to boards specific to the food, ingredients, or brand niche.

8. Cross Promote

Cross promoting your marketing efforts through various social media channels is a best practice you need to implement now if you are not already doing it.Promote your pins by sharing what you are pinning to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Create a “pin of the day” or a “top pin” theme to share content in a fun and engaging way that directs fans and followers back to your Pinterest page.

9. Link accounts

You can link your Pinterest account to Facebook and Twitter. This shows your followers that you are an active person who they can follow.Engaging with other users is also one of the best ways to promote your product, as they will repin your content.

10. Verify your website

Verify your website to establish credibility and take advantage of Pinterest analytics. The simple steps to take are:

  • Click on “settings” and then “verify website”
  • Scroll down to your website url and click on the “verify” button to the right
  • A pop-up will open with verification instructions. Once this opens, select the “download the html verification file.” (Make sure you save the file in an easy-to-retrieve location and do not close out of the verification page)
  • Upload the file into the root directory of your website via FTP or CPanel. Return to the verification page within Pinterest and click on the “click here to complete the process.” You should now receive a message below stating that Pinterest successfully verified your website. You can now close and return to your profile for happier pinning!

Over to You

Pinterest can be an amazing source of traffic, referrals, and sales, and a robust visual marketing tool.How are you using it to market your business?

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