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5 Time Saving Strategies for Social Media Success

By Rebekah Radice

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Social media has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.Social media impacts how you live, communicate and share information, from the products you buy to the connections you make.So, how can you manage the social media noise and distraction without gaining a few new gray hairs?The solution is a sustainable social media strategy.Below are 5 time-saving strategies for social media success!

5 Time Saving Strategies for Social Media Success

1. Create Your Social Strategy

If you haven't created your social media strategy, there is no time like the present.A social media marketing campaign can only flourish with careful and thoughtful planning. This means that striking out into the social realm with nothing more than a hit or miss strategy is taking the quick road to failure.Visualize where social media marketing fits into your marketing plan. Then determine which social channels will support your approach.This should not be an overwhelming process. Take baby steps by adding a few posts here and a couple of tweets there.There's no need to dive in and tackle everything all at once. Your plan should be easy to stick to create like the one below.Keep it simple and ensure that each task moves you closer to your goals.

social media strategy template sample

2. Know Your Audience

From the Internet to social media, consumers are actively seeking answers to their most pressing questions. Understanding their needs and offering insight in an authentic manner will build trust in your online relationships.First you must define who you are trying to reach. What is their:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Vocation
  • Marital status
  • Family size
  • Buying habits

No matter your industry, one size does not fit all. Make sure you know what drives their decisions.Once you are armed with this information, share answers to frequently asked questions and guidance during their purchase process.

3. Use Automation Tools

Automation can be a huge time saver. However, be mindful of what you automate.You never want to push so much out that you take the "social" out of social media marketing.There are a multitude of tools that will allow you to schedule updates to help you focus on building relationships rather than wasting time on low-payoff activities.From apps to widgets, automation tools can expand your presence while allowing you to stay engaged and involved in your burgeoning community.

A few automation options:


4. Outsource Tasks (not the Conversation)

Outsourcing certain elements of social media can be very effective if done right. A virtual assistant can arrange daily automation and create structure around your social media efforts.They can also monitor your analytics and stay on top of any important brand buzz that must be immediately addressed.Take your time when outsourcing and interview just as you would any other employee. There needs to be a connection and an obvious benefit to both your business and your bottom line.

hire a social media professional

5. Shut It Down

While social media may be 24/7, no one can or should keep up at that pace. Give yourself time to shut it down and reboot.There is no reason to post, tweet, or respond at all hours of the day. It will only serve to distract you from money making activities and keep you from enjoying other important aspects of your life.There are better and more effective ways to monitor social media and at some point, you need a life outside social media.With proper planning, implementation and perseverance your social media efforts can and will pay off.

I'd love to hear from you! What's your social media time saving tip?

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