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5 Tips to Writing a Great Blog Post

By Rebekah Radice

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Whether you’re fighting writer's block or just want to spruce up your blog content, some days can be tougher than others to write a blog post worth posting.

As a matter of fact, as I did my research for this article, I found that most writers abandon their blogs within 2-3 months. Know what the number one reason is? A loss of interest on your part and that of your readers.

So how can you stay committed to writing creative, high-quality content that keeps your readers engaged and hungry for more?

How to Write a Blog Post: 5 Easy Tips

1. Do Your Homework

You wouldn’t start hiking a 14,000-foot mountain without researching and preparing more than you should write an article without knowing the facts. So before throwing that post out there, spend time investigating your topic.

  • Google It! – Google has loads of tools for bloggers, from your basic Google search to the Google Keyword Toolbox – a treasure trove of gadgets that will speak to your blogger soul!
  • Research keywords – Keyword research is incredibly important to search engine optimization of your site. With keyword research, you determine what your clients are searching for and what terms will receive the most Google juice. There are many options for keyword research, the most popular being Google’s Keyword Tool.
  • Link It - If you’re talking about technical or industry terms that some may not know, make sure you link out for further information and, if possible, even provide charts to support your findings.

No one wants to retract information because of a lack of preparation!

2. Know Your Niche

Are you writing for yourself or writing to provide well-thought-out and fact-supported tips and advice for your clients? Clients, of course! Understanding and knowing what your target audience is interested in comes down to:

  • Defining who they are
  • Determining what your blog is about

The next step is to ask yourself:

  • Have I identified my niche and whether there’s a market for it?
  • Have I researched my competition? Do I know what they are doing well and what I could do better?

3. Take a Stand

There’s nothing more frustrating (or boring) than reading a blog with a “middle of the road” stance. Get passionate about your writing and be willing to take the opposing side.Are you writing about a hot topic but fear you’ll be crucified due to your position? Well, get over it!Readers gravitate towards blogs that have a voice and a tone. How can your blog have either if you never spell out who you are and what you believe in?

4. Be Authentic

This has a lot to do with number 3. If you’re being honest with your readers about who you are, it’s very easy to take a stand about your beliefs.Authenticity goes a long way to building loyalty, and if people (ie clients) don’t feel a connection to you, then they’re not buyin’ what you’re sellin’!

Have Fun

There’s no use blogging if you’re not enjoying it! Enjoy what you write about and get to know your readers.Engagement and feedback will fuel your creative fire and keep you focused and excited about your blog!

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