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52 Unique Ways to Create Social Media Magic

By Rebekah Radice

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Are you ready to supercharge your social media marketing efforts but don't know how?Do you find the creation of valuable content that activates and inspires a thriving community elusive?The ideas below are designed with you in mind!Peg Fitzpatrick, a social media strategist, and myself set out on a mission. To help you create social media magic within your business! (read part 2: 26 tips to create social media magic for your business)

How can you do it?

Believe it or not, you don't have to spend hours per day formulating your perfect post.You need a roadmap, a basic understanding of who your target market is, and these first 26 tips! (part one of our two-part series)Each one is ready for you to swipe and adopt into your business immediately!

How to Create Social Media Magic

1. Optimize Your Social Media Bio's

Ready to connect and engage with the right people? Then complete your social media profiles, including an optimized and keyword-rich profile.Make certain that who you are, what you do, and how you can assist potential clients are prominent within your bio.You also want to make it easy for anyone to connect with you. Include your links to your website and other social profiles.

2. Join Google Plus and Get Active

Want to get found? Then get on Google Plus! There is a direct correlation between Google Plus engagement and your search results. This means that it isn't enough to simply join the social network. You must get involved.Begin by seeking out business professionals within your industry and adding them to circles. Circles are similar to Facebook or Twitter lists. They will allow you to keep up with a select group of individuals based on the circle (think category) you have placed them in.

2. Join Google Plus Communities

Google Plus communities are another great way to make valuable connections and share your content with a group eager to consume it. Check out the "communities" tab and search based on keywords for communities you would find interesting. Then begin to +1, comment, and share other members' content.The best rule of thumb in any community is to get involved, create a conversation and interact consistently before you start marketing or pushing your agenda. Allow people to get to know and appreciate you first.

3. Connect via Google Plus Hangouts

Google Plus hangouts are an excellent way to get face-to-face with those individuals you have connected with and are eager to learn more about. Similar to Skype or Facetime, hangouts are easy to use and simple to access via your Google Plus account.Take the time to reach out and go deeper with those within your industry. I guarantee it will be time well spent!

4. Use Twitter Lists

A quick way to join the conversation and stay connected with a specific group is to add them to a list. Use Twitter lists to group together people you want to engage with daily. Then add this list to your favorite third-party management tool and review it daily.You will see a quick snapshot of what each person on that list is talking about. Rather than trying to track each one down, make it easy to stay on top of what is being said. Then comment or retweet their content to begin building relationships.

5. Pin Custom Images to Pinterest

Creating a custom graphic for your original content and pinning it to Pinterest is an excellent way to get your business in front of a whole new audience.Pin your image, share it to Twitter and then use that same image on Google Plus. Want to learn more? Read Peg's awesome post, "How Google+ and Pinterest Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly."

perfect pinterest image

6. Use LinkedIn to Connect with Industry Experts

You spend time on Facebook, but have you made your mark on the social network built for business professionals?Use LinkedIn to establish rapport with experts within your industry. Make sure to send a custom message including who you are and why you are interested in connecting. Grab this great tip from Viveka Von Rosen, Founder of Linked to Business, on how to pump up your LinkedIn marketing efforts!

7. Join LinkedIn Groups

There are many LinkedIn groups to choose from, so it is important to be picky when identifying where to spend your time.Do a quick search based on keyword or industry and determine which group might be a good source of leads, referrals, or recruits. Then get into the conversation!

8. Start (or Join) a Facebook Group

If your niche is hot, invite past clients, prospects, and other industry professionals to join your Facebook Group.Explain the benefits and why the group was created. Set expectations and ensure everyone joining the group is a safe space, free from any hard sales tactics. You want to be a resource, not an annoying marketer with only your best intentions in mind.

9. Promote via Instagram

Use Instagram to support all of your marketing efforts.Have a blog? Post an image with a call-to-action directing followers to your website, share a quote or tip from your post, or simply notify followers that you have a new post up and direct them to your blog.

blog post promotion

10. Talk to Your Niche

Stumped when it comes to content creation? Ask people within your niche!Creating meaningful relationships with other influencers and actively creating an online presence is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of what's hot within your niche or industry.

11. Stumbleupon

Though not as popular as it was before, Stumbleupon can still drive a lot of traffic to a website or blog. See one of my posts below; a good reminder to Stumble all of your new content.Likewise, it is also a great way to find fresh content within your niche. Check out their categories and find timely and relevant content for your audience.


12. Keep a Virtual Notebook of Ideas

I might love technology, but I'm an old-school girl in many ways. A notebook is one of them.Keep a notepad handy to quickly jot down ideas that can be turned into social media posts down the road. Want to take it one step further? Expand upon your notes and turn that single idea into a short blog post, video tip, or list on Listly.

13. Comment on Blogs

Commenting on blogs is a strategy used by many active bloggers to gain visibility, boost awareness and create strategic relationships. It also drives those interested back to your social networks, allowing for further interaction and engagement.Begin by creating a short list of your favorite bloggers and add commenting as a weekly to-do to your calendar.

14. Use a Management Tool

Want to create social media magic? Stay consistent! A third-party management tool like Hootsuite can help you use automation thoughtfully and strategically.As you come across the content you want to share, add it to Hootsuite and schedule a time to tweet or post your content throughout the day.

hootsuite social management tool

15. Commun.it

Commun.it, has quickly become one of my go-to social media management tools. With it, you can dig deeper into your followers and create more meaningful social media relationships. With you can keep up with what matters most to you and your business.

16. Think Visually

Use mind-mapping software to flesh out a particular topic, creating multiple posts designed with your target audience in mind.Brainstorm ideas connected with that topic and subtopics that can easily be turned into posts or tweets.

17. Add Social Share Buttons to Your Website

Sharing buttons on blog posts and websites will allow visitors to easily share information with their friends and business associates.Make them easily accessible and simple to use!

18. YouTube

No one can deny the power of video!Share videos or create your own based on customer questions, blog comments, or conversations via social media. Better yet, use Google Hangouts to create your own TV show or interviews.

18. SlideShare

Did you recently present on a topic relevant to your niche? Upload that presentation to SlideShare!Easy to use, SlideShare gives your presentation social media juice as others within your niche are actively researching your particular subject and sharing it across their social networks.


19. Tumblr Blogs

As one of Yahoo’s big assets, Tumblr can be a perfect resource for inspiration.Here you can find articles, pictures, and fun gifs surrounding any (and all) topics. I don't even want to know what is going on here:

tumblr gif

20. Use Twitter to Research Target Market

Twitter is a powerful tool when used to research and stay on top of your name, business, and competitors. Set up Twitter alerts, research keywords, and identify opportunities using Twitter Advanced search.Want to learn more? Check out Susan Gilbert's excellent post on how to put Twitter to work for you!

21. Use a Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar is one of the best ways to stop wasting your time and stay consistent.The good news? Creating a social media calendar doesn't have to be hard. You can use something as basic as an excel spreadsheet or a more detailed program like Divvy HQ.

social media calendar

22. Set Up Google Alerts

Use relevant keywords for your niche, set the delivery option to feed instead of email, and then click create!Do one for each keyword, phrase, business name, and any unique phrasing you use on your websites and blogs.

23. Use an RSS Reader

Use an RSS aggregator like Feedly to subscribe to your favorite blogs or news source. Then log in to your account and spend five minutes each day sharing articles to your social networks.


24. Share Other People's Content

A key ingredient to social media success is sharing other people's content, not just your own. Take time to share others' content and tag them whenever you share.Not only does this bring awareness to their personal brand, but it is also a great way to build rapport.

25. Cross-Promote Social Channels

Support all of your marketing efforts by cross-promoting your social media networks. Post a great article on Google Plus? Share that along with your Google Plus link to Twitter.Not everyone follows you on the same social network. Make sure they know where you are and how easy it is to engage with you across multiple channels.

26. Share Quotes

When all else fails, never forget the power of a shared quote. Social media fans and followers of all kinds love a good quote.Spend a few minutes researching quotes relevant to your niche. Pick the best one and build a short post around it. (Tip: Write a bunch of evergreen, quote-based posts and keep them on tap for days when you’re really stuck for time or topic ideas.)

Read Part 2 from Peg Fitzpatrick: 26 tips to create social media magic for your business

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