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6 Facebook Mistakes Killing Your Page

By Rebekah Radice

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Facebook marketing has the potential to radically transform your business.It can connect you to prospective clients at little to no cost and generate exposure like no other marketing medium.But making the wrong move can hurt your brand's credibility and trustworthiness.Whether you're considering Facebook marketing for your business or simply interested in expanding your current page, these are the Facebook marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

6 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Page

1. Not Responding to Comments

Similar to blogging, social media platforms are a community. To grow and build a branded presence, you must stay involved.Many Facebook admins make the major mistake of letting comments, likes, and shares go unacknowledged.No one appreciates their well-thought-out comment falling on deaf ears. A simple click of the 'LIKE' button on their comment can go a long way in building trust and encouraging future interaction. Let your fans know that you are paying attention and not there to simply broadcast a message.

2. Not Using an Effective Cover Photo

The Facebook cover photo is an opportunity to immediately grab a potential fan's attention. Think of it as the cover of your magazine. It should speak directly to your fan's needs and wants while quickly relaying why they should LIKE your page.Create an appealing cover that allows your fans to immediately connect with the look, feel, and mission of your brand.An excellent example of a Facebook cover photo is the GoodPop All-Natural Frozen Pops page. Who wouldn't want to eat one of these delicious-looking all-natural Popsicles?


3. Taking Your Anger Out on the Page

Lose your temper or patience once with a fan or blast someone on your wall, and even the most revered page won’t be able to save your image. Your fans have come to expect a certain tone and style of communication from you.If you allow one offensive comment to move you to anger, the repercussions of your misguided response can be devastating.This isn’t to say that you can’t express frustration or unhappiness about something affecting your business or industry. However, this type of status update should only be used to help your fans better understand how and why it affects them. It should never feel like venting.Your ranting might appeal to some, but not for long. Think about those people that frequently explode or spend their days whining about how unfair life is. How does it make you feel?Always be mindful of your tone and voice. Ensure that you keep it true to the image created by your brand and page. One wrong move could result in a significant loss of trust and, eventually, fans.

4. Bad-Mouthing Your Competition

It’s one thing to share your success stories with your fans; it’s another to rub it in the face of your competition. For example, let’s say you bring home the Top Producer award within your company.It’s exciting news to share with your fans and something they will undoubtedly enjoy celebrating along with you. Where you cross the line is to degrade your competition.No one likes a braggart. Reducing someone else in the eyes of others only to raise yourself up leaves you looking shallow and self-absorbed. Not exactly the image anyone wants to portray.

5. Not Taking the Time to Build Relationships

Having a page and forgetting to “work the room” is a huge mistake made by many Facebook Fan Page Admins. If you schedule your daily post and then move on to the rest of your day, you are missing an enormous opportunity to build awareness and reciprocity.Once you post, take the time to make the rounds and like and comment on other Facebook pages with content relevant to your fan base. This creates strategic relationships and heightens awareness of your brand and page. However, you must be very careful with this strategy. The point is not to spam or promote but rather to add insightful and meaningful dialogue to the conversation.The saying, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar," definitely applies here.

6. Not Monitoring Your Facebook Insights

A big mistake many marketers make is not consistently monitoring analytics and analyzing the effectiveness of their message.Facebook insights provide a detailed analysis of each post, including reach, number of engaged users, and the virality of your post. Important information is needed when creating a strategy behind your daily posts.Taking the time to understand what your fans are looking for and when your best time to post might be can save you time and money.The bottom line is this: Building a presence on Facebook will not mysteriously happen if you haven’t committed to “showing up” in a positive way daily. Begin today by taking a proactive stance in branding your business by offering relevant content that is consistent with your mission and message.

What are the biggest mistakes you see businesses make on Facebook?

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