7 Sources of Inspiration for Writing Sizzling Social Media Posts

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Writing a sizzling social media post that grabs the attention of your audience can be challenging.It can also be time consuming, aggravating and downright exhausting.Between Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, producing fresh and unique content on a consistent basis can leave your creative juices feeling picked at, poked through and squeezed dry.Unless you are a natural born writer with exceptional skills, running out of content ideas is inevitable.While the 7 sources of inspiration below won't keep you from hitting a content brick wall, they will put some sizzle in your social!

7 Sources of Inspiration for Writing Sizzling Social Media Posts

1. Social Media

Seems like a no-brainer, right?The problem is, many people don't know where to begin.While social networks can be a fantastic resource for relevant and up-to-date ideas, knowing where to find that content is key.Take a look at "What's Hot" on Google+, trending hashtags on Twitter or conversations happening in a Facebook group.Once you begin to research your current social channels, it's easy to see the enormous amount of content inspiration right at your fingertips.

Where to find inspiration:

  • Google+ communities
  • Google+ hashtags
  • Google+ hangouts
  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook events
  • Local Facebook pages
  • LinkedIn groups
  • Twitter hashtags
  • Twitter trending topics
  • Pinterest
  • Scoop.it
  • Stumbleupon
  • Bizsugar

2. Blogs

Blogs are an equally important source of inspiration.Look for bloggers that write about your particular field of interest and build a relationship by tweeting, sharing and commenting on their content.Interacting with your peers will open up your mind to new ideas while connecting you to an extended network of content providers.You not only gain important alliances, but a wide variety of ideas, suggestions, and motivation that will help in the creation of captivating posts and status updates.

3. Humor, creative, and inspirational quotes

life is short enjoy coffee

Want to connect with your fans and followers? Let them get to know you outside of the office.Visit humorous, inspirational, and motivational websites and blogs to find fun and entertaining posts that speak to your personality and break the monotony of the same old business post.Like coffee? Share a funny story or a cute picture that will connect with your community on a personal level.Adding humor, inspiration, and creativity to your social media content will give your audience a sneak peek into what makes you tick.

4. Books

I know books might be the last place you would think to look, but reading books, magazines, newspapers, journals and other hard copy material can offer a unique perspective.This can be topics specific to your particular niche or a relatable success or motivational stories.Research your industry for top authors and find ways to repurpose that content in a shareable format.Just make certain that you always credit the author and link back to any original content.

5. Forums and groups

Joining forums, groups and industry discussions can give you a real-time exchange of ideas, strategies and solutions that answer your potential clients most pressing questions and concerns."Listen" as professionals discuss their own success stories and join in the conversation to talk about how you can meet the needs of your potential clients through your social channels.By sharing your own story, you add value to the community, inspire others to do the same and provide meaningful conversation that gets those creative juices flowing!

6. Role model/mentor

Social media marketing is a wide open landscape and one that can be overwhelming to navigate on your own.When you're feeling less than energetic about creating new content, look to a friend, role model or mentor.Reach out to them. Bounce a few ideas around, and gain their valuable insight.Their guidance and willingness to share any tips, tricks or advice may be what you need to write a sizzling post.

7. Re-purpose your content

Revisit content that you have created throughout the years. From brochures to blog posts, you are sure to find valuable information your community is craving, but hasn't seen.Remember, just because it's not new to you, does not mean it's irrelevant to your audience.Take your content, re-frame it and republish it with a new spin, in a new format or simply update outdated content.

Ways to Repurpose Your Content:

  • Podcast
  • Hangout on Air
  • Webinar
  • Free Ebook
  • Free bonus material for your subscribers
  • Email mini courses
  • Training and coaching workbooks

While the Internet may seem to have an endless supply of inspiration, identifying your top resources can feel mind numbing.Once you have recreated a post or other marketing item, take that idea and repurpose it across any of your social networks from Facebook to Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn!

Where do you find your top ideas for social media inspiration?

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