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7 Ways to Build Your Business with Pinterest

By Rebekah Radice

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Pinterest is now the fastest growing social network, increasing its reach an unprecedented +4377% between May 2011 and May 2012. While still in its infancy, with an estimated 20 million users, this social behemoth can no longer be ignored.However, even with its seemingly simple way to share and bookmark web content, the potential of Pinterest is still widely misunderstood by business owners. If you are eager to reign in the power of Pinterest, but unsure where to begin, the 7 tips below will allow you to jump start your Pinterest presence!

7 Ways to Build Your Business with Pinterest

1. Share Your Content

Whether it is your latest blog post, video or e-book, pinning your content will establish you as the expert in your field and catch the attention of consumers interested in your service or product.When you pin an article from your website you create a link back to that article. You are not only building traffic back to your website, but creating a resource for anyone researching your topic. When you initially set up your Pinterest boards, group your pins based on topic. This will make it easy for anyone searching that particular keyword to find your content.

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2. Create Fun and Unique Boards

Create boards that are not only specific to your niche, but also fun, engaging and unique to your business. If you are a local business,design a board that shares your favorite restaurants, vendors and places to visit.If you are a national brand, share Infographics based on recent market statistics, photos that include a quote taken from your most recent blog post or an image containing a key takeaway from your latest webinar.

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3. Use the Pin-It Button

Use the Pinterest pin-it button to quickly pin your latest blog, video or product update. With each "pin,' you create a direct link to your content. It also allows for an easy way to curate content that can be quickly shared by your followers. When you pin your own content, do not forget to click "edit" once you've pinned the item and add to your description the direct link to your article, video or photo.If you are pinning material that is not your own, make sure to credit the original source in your description.


4. Add the Pinterest Button to Your Website

Pinterest offers two tools that make it easy for readers to share your content and connect with you on Pinterest. The " Pin It " and "Follow Me on Pinterest" buttons can be added to both your website and blog.To add directly from Pinterest, go to the Goodies section and install the "Follow Button" and "Pin It Button" on your website. The code will automatically populate making it easy to copy and paste in to your site.


5. Give a Sneak Peek into Your Company

Give a behind-the-scenes look in to your business that includes:

  • Event or conference photos
  • A historical timeline that documents important dates within your business
  • Photos of the people that support your business
  • Blogs, photos, tips and other items that are favorites of your staff

The ideas are limitless when you consider what you can share. The goal is simple: give your Pinterest followers a unique look in to what makes your business tick.

6. Promote Upcoming Products

If you are looking to drive additional traffic to your website or blog, adding pins related to upcoming products can create excitement and boost awareness. Share links to your promo video or article announcing the roll-out.

7. Add Pinterest to Your Facebook Page

Adding Pinterest to your Facebook page is a great way to cross promote your social media channels. It is easy to integrate and will display within Facebook just as it would be seen in Pinterest.The easiest and cleanest application I have found is Woobox. This is a FREE third party application that allows you to display all of your boards and pins. Here is a direct link to add the app to your page.

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How To Set Up Your Pinterest Tab

  1. Install the Pinterest Tab App to your Facebook Page by clicking the Install link: http://woobox.com/pinterest/install
  2. Input your Pinterest username, which is the last part of your profile URL; http://pinterest.com/username/
  3. To display the pins from an individual board, just select the second option “Show Pins from Selected Board,” and input the board’s URL;http://pinterest.com/username/board-name/
  4. Click Save Settings and you’re all done! Enjoy the app!

Pinterest is an excellent resource and an additional way to drive traffic to your website or blog. I would love to hear how you are using it to market your business. Comment below!

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