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Attitude of Gratitude: 51 Things I Am Most Grateful For

By Rebekah Radice

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Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation. - Brian TracyEven though I know how important it is to live with an "attitude of gratitude" I certainly don't spend enough time reflecting on it.I've only learned within the last couple of years the impact that saying "I'm grateful" can have on your life and those around you. I was challenged recently to write down the 100 Things I am Most Grateful For and wondered initially if I could complete such a task.But by the end, I could have kept going and going. What an unbelievably powerful feeling this seemingly simple list has generated! Here I share my Top 50 plus one because it's so darned important.

51 Things I Am Most Grateful For

  1. God’s grace
  2. My husband who thankfully continues to put up with me day after day, year after year
  3. My two boys that show me daily what the true meaning of abundance and wealth really is
  4. My two pups that put joy in my heart every time I walk through the door
  5. My mother who is a constant reminder of what living a life on purpose can look like
  6. My father who gives me strength and an unflinching desire to continue my journey to the next amazing accomplishment
  7. My two sisters that are my best friends and proof that blood is thicker then water
  8. My business partner and best friend who never lets me see a dark day alone. You truly are the “wind beneath my wings”
  9. Friendships that surpass understanding and allow me the freedom to just be me
  10. My business coach that always encourages me to not just do more, but be more
  11. Road trips to places unknown
  12. Memories of my grandmother and grandfather that define who I am and what I am still yet to become
  13. Stepping into the unknown and succeeding beyond my wildest dreams
  14. Finding My Life’s Purpose
  15. Getting the chance to do what I love on a daily basis
  16. Writing a blog that touches another
  17. Sharing the gift of a smile
  18. Making new friends and reuniting with old ones
  19. Family reunions
  20. Sunny days
  21. The smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves
  22. My front deck…the single most tranquil spot I know
  23. Butterflies that remind me how beautiful life is
  24. Wine and popcorn
  25. Quotes that inspire and motivate
  26. A hug when you least expect it
  27. A Starbucks latte on a cold and rainy day
  28. Losing myself in a good book
  29. Staying up late and chatting with a good friend
  30. The people in my life that keep everything in perspective
  31. Forgiveness
  32. Patience
  33. Understanding
  34. Unfailing love
  35. All of my failures, struggles and stumbling that allowed me to see that there is a far more abundant life on the other side
  36. All of the opportunities that have and continue to come my way
  37. The road less taken
  38. Warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies
  39. Pumpkin ice cream that only comes around this time of year
  40. Snuggling under a starry sky
  41. A day watching cheesy old movies that feel like comfort food for the soul
  42. A lazy day lying in the sun at the lake
  43. Sharing every holiday (and then some) with my family
  44. Shutting out the world with my iPod and just writing and writing and writing
  45. The magic of words to transform
  46. The freedom to just be me and knowing those around me accept me as I am...faults and all!
  47. Those that hold me accountable and call me out when I'm not living at my highest and best
  48. Photographs that transport me back to a special place and time
  49. My passion for life
  50. Dancing to the beat of my own drum instead of led by the rhythm of another's
  51. Sharing what you are most grateful for and opening up a wealth of abundance in your life!

Start your list today and then share it with those you are most grateful for.So often we spend valuable time trying to figure out what it is that we need to enrich our lives.Then one day we wake up and realize that everything we ever needed was right here all along.

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