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11 Quick Tips to Boost Social Media Results

By Rebekah Radice

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Social media marketing continues to evolve at a lightning pace.For business owners and entrepreneurs, keeping up is essential as an increasing number of consumers look to social media for answers to their most pressing questions.With 97% of consumers now using the internet to research a business before making a decision to move forward, building a solid social media presence is more critical than ever before.But where do you begin?Managing, maintaining and growing a substantial multi-channel social presence can feel like an overwhelming challenge.While social media sites such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter are excellent at facilitating conversation, knowing how to maximize time (and money) spent on each one can evade even the most well-versed marketer.Below are eleven tips you can implement today!

Quick Tips to Boost Social Media Results

1. Stay Relevant

Post relevant, insightful, and informative content on a regular basis. What's new in your industry?Keep your finger on the pulse of what's hot and share that along with your thoughts around the topic. Create a conversation through compelling content!

2. Be Valuable

Mаkе ѕurе that content we talked about above рrоvіdеѕ real vаluе tо уоur readers.Understand their needs and share solutions, tips, advice and guidance that allows them to make educated decisions.

3. Build Credibility

Ensure that уоur information verifiable, reliable аnd a direct reflection of your products аnd services.There is never a time when inaccurate or misleading marketing is acceptable.

4. Share Tweetables

Make your posts and tweets shareable. The more pertinent, insightful, and targeted your content, the more likely your followers and fans are to share it.

5. Listen Up

Create a simple way to listen to what is being said across your social media channels. No one wants to be talked "at." They want to be talked "with."Listen and then engage in conversations important to those that follow you.

6. Get Social

Social media is a two-way conversation. If you are going to make the most of your time on social media, you must be interactive.Ask questions, share your thoughts, and offer feedback that shows you are truly interested in the conversations happening around you or your business.

7. Build Relationships

Take your conversations one step further and begin to build relationships. It is poor social etiquette both offline and online to simply blast out a message.Don't put up a brick wall of content between you and your followers. Ensure that you are accessible and quick to respond.

8. Start Talking

Get out and engage! Visit Google+ profiles, Facebook pages and Twitter followers to begin to build awareness around your personal brand.Disclaimer: This is not about being spammy. It is an opportunity to offer valuable insight and build a solid reputation in the online space.

9. Set Goals

Define what your goals are and then put them in writing. Determine who you are trying to reach, what makes you unique, and what results your are looking to achieve.Do this now before you begin throwing content out there without a plan.

10. Strategy Wins

Identify a system or tool that will allow you to stay consistent.Whether it is a third-party management tool like Sprout Social or a social media content calendar, put it in place to manage your time and content.

11. Embrace Success

While there are plenty of social media strategies or success tips that you can follow, I would encourage you to keep it simple. Simple is sustainable and a sustainable social media strategy creates consistency, visibility and credibility.Let go of the "shoulda, woulda, gotta's" when it comes to social media, and just focus on what works best for you. Focus and consistency will allow you to quickly embrace social media success!

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