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4 Ways to Create Pinterest Images that Get Shared

By Rebekah Radice

4 min read

Do you want to create Pinterest images that your followers share? Looking for ideas to design a graphic that attracts attention and encourages clicks?It's not as hard as you might think to create captivating Pinterest images.And if you've been on the fence wondering why you should add your content to Pinterest, here are a few reasons:

  • Share additional details about your service or product
  • Guide your followers towards the purchase of a product
  • Give them a reason to follow a call-to-action to download an E-book or subscribe to a mailing list

The sky is the limit! You just need to get started.Below are 4 ways to make your images eye-catching, interesting, and highly shareable!

Create Pinterest Images that Get Shared

1. Make Your Description Irresistible

Many people think that since Pinterest is more about images than words, words don’t matter, but they do.Most users notice the image and then the description. Ensure you create a simple description of your image to clarify what your image is all about.This does not mean you should add a sea of words to your images. Include a few descriptive words to help users get the essence of your image.A good way to go about it is to ensure your Pinterest description is as optimized as possible to grab the attention of people looking for the type of content on your image.Look at this Infographic I recently shared. It's an example of creating a unique description that's optimized for social as much as it is SEO.


2. Include a Captivating Call-to-Action

Another great way to ensure your image is shared is to include a prompt on the image itself. You can inspire users to click on a link to a website for more information or add words to encourage users to read content on your blog.Whatever you decide to include as a call to action, avoid using too many words that might discourage or draw attention away from your image.As with any marketing opportunity, your goal is to captivate the attention of your Pinterest followers.This pin from Entrepreneur.com does exactly that. The word "goldmine" makes me want to know what I'm missing out on.I'm ready to click and find out!


3. Change Up the Look and Feel

Using different colors, shapes, and lengths is another great attention grabber.Long Infographics often grab attention, but shorter graphics can also command attention if they have the right design, layout, content, and color.Keep in mind that it is wiser to keep an image longer than wider with the ideal width being 600 pixels. The sweet spot for Pinterest images is 600 x 900.Not only does it work perfectly for Pinterest, but it looks beautiful on Google+.


4. Encourage Pinning

Many users are discouraged from sharing images due to copyright issues. If you want them to share yours, let them know you readily encourage this.You can include Pinterest sharing buttons on your blog or website. You can also include text such as “feel free to share” to let them know that they can share your images without infringing on any copyright issues.There are multiple ways to create shareable Pinterest images. Remember that any image that informs gives a how-to tutorial, instructions, or inspiration can be a winner if you design and position it properly!

Tell me! What are your top Pinterest tips for creating shareable images?

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