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Creating Your Mobile QR Code Business Card

By Rebekah Radice

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Technology Tip Tuesday | Creating Your Mobile QR Code Business Card

Attracting new business is a challenge that every one of us face in our business. Mobile marketing and QR codes offer an affordable and highly effective way to get our message out.True paperless business cards are a huge WOW factor for our clients and given them the opportunity to connect with us no matter where they are.They are simple to use and simple to design. Yet mobile business cards gives us a high-tech solution to the traditional business card.See how simple it easy to create and design your FREE mobile business card with PingTags! Then add it to all of your marketing materials!

Marketing Tip:

Take your business card beyond the norm with a plain old phone number, email, and address. Turn the back of your business card into a marketing opportunity by adding a QR code that offers your mobile business card.Allow prospective clients to download your LinkedIn Resume through PingTags directly to their mobile phone for easy access no matter where they are!How will you use your mobile business card?

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