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Do You Love Them and Leave Them

By Rebekah Radice

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We’ve all had an experience similar to this one:We work with a buyer through the trials and tribulations of a typical purchase transaction, speaking with them daily (sometimes hourly) as they anticipate the big day.Closing day finally arrives and you show up with a beautifully wrapped gift and a card thanking your client for their business. You eagerly request the referral of their friends, family and colleagues with a promise to care for them just as you have cared for your buyer throughout their purchase. As you walk out, you congratulate them and promise to stay in touch.And then? Nothing. No phone calls, no pop bys, no birthday cards, no NADA! They just simply fall off your radar as you move on to the next transaction. You had all the best intentions; you just didn’t have a system to stay in touch.Why You Need a SystemYour system is the difference between relational and transactional marketing. Wouldn’t you like to get off the perpetual roller coaster of building and rebuilding your business? Taking steps to form a system that maintains and expands upon past relationships can offer a lifetime of rewards.Believe it or not, creating an email marketing campaign and systematizing your follow-up can be simple and painless. Start small and increase as you go. Below are a few suggestions to get you started!Create a campaign that includes 7 After Closing Emails:1 Week – This email will lay the groundwork for your future relationship. Set the expectation on how often they will hear from you and assure them that you will be staying in touch. Remind them of your contact information and ask again (you should have already done this during the process) that they LIKE your Facebook page, Follow you on Twitter and Subscribe to Your Blog for the most up to date industry news.2 Weeks – Once the dust has settled and your clients are comfy in their new home, send a survey with a few short questions about their experience. Survey Monkey is a FREE and easy solution to systematize this step. Pick 5 questions that will take your client a maximum of 5 minutes to answer. Make sure one of those is whether they currently have someone to refer and what their contact information is.1 Month – This part of the campaign is actually a call and not an email. It gives you the opportunity to reach back out to your client with a specific purpose. (The hope is that if you do receive voicemail, they will have a reason to call you back)Ask your client if they have received their mortgage payment coupon from their lender. If they have not, this is a perfect opportunity to contact the loan officer and ask that they get back in touch with the client. It’s all about exceeding their expectations!2 Months – Send a Blockbuster Video Night Gift Card that includes cost for a rental, popcorn and drinks or you could put your own video night gift basket together and drop it off. This movie night basket might be more than you want to spend but it will give you some great ideas! The idea is to help your client put their feet up and enjoy a quiet evening in their new home.4 Months – Remind your clients about the importance of maintaining good credit. Many times clients will shrug off paying bills on time once they’ve closed on a home and no longer have loan approval hanging over their head. Here are a few bullet points to include:

  • Pay your bills on time – This is extremely important when it comes to your mortgage payment. Just as circumstances such as bankruptcy or foreclosure have a major impact on your credit, your payment history plays a significant role in your FICO score.
  • Don't max out available credit on credit card accounts. Your credit score could be affected based on what the credit bureaus believe is the appearance that you are having trouble managing your finances.
  • Don't apply for too much credit in a short amount of time. Multiple requests for your credit history (not including requests by you to check your file) can affect your score.
  • Periodically check your credit history for errors. If you would like a free copy of your credit report, please visit www.annualcreditreport.com and call me with any questions.

7 Months – Give your client an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade their home. Landscaping is one of the best home investments they can make. Mail or drop off a small tree or shrub and explain that well-placed trees or shrubs add curb appeal and could increase resale value. Also suggest that they plan ahead and play around with some of the gardening software that's out there so they have an idea what they yard will look like before they get started. Check out Better Homes & Gardens Plan a Garden Free & Easy Garden Planner.12 Months – Send a copy of their HUD-1 along with an explanation of why they will need this come tax time. Then stress the importance of an annual review. Schedule a time with both you and the lender to review their financial situation. This is an excellent opportunity to cross sell CPA’s, Insurance Agents and other referral partners within your network.Here is an annual review checklist to get you started.Keep in mind, the timeline on each email is only a suggestion. Adjust the dates according to what feels comfortable for you. You can also use all the emails or just a few and incorporate them into your existing marketing post-closing drip campaign.Always remember: Add value first, ask for referrals second. Providing your clients with useful, relevant information will keep you top of mind and their go-to professional when the opportunity to refer comes along.

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