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How to Increase Blog Traffic with Engaging Content

By Rebekah Radice

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Once you have established your blog with consistent and relevant content, increasing your blog traffic is an important next step. In order to generate buzz and gain traction, you will need to boost your blog’s online visibility. It’s essential that you have a social media strategy as well as a consistent posting schedule and plan.To achieve this, a crucial element to increased blog traffic is your content. This is the driving force behind your blog’s success as it’s what keeps readers coming back time and time again. It’s definitely not an area where you can take a “hit or miss” approach.Here are 7 quick and easy tips to get you on the road to blog readability and sustainability!Pick One Topic and Stick With ItDefine what your one topic will be per post and stick with it. If you feel yourself getting off track or going off on a tangent then take the time to slowly work your way back through the post. Can you take this tangent and break it up into a series of posts? Don’t just automatically delete and move on. I find that “getting off track” in my current article can offer additional talking points and ideas for additional blogs.Choose Your Words WiselyClean up your post and eliminate all of your unnecessary or "weakening" words and/or phrases. (Adjectives and adverbs are typically the first ones to cut!)Remember that keyword density (the percentage of keywords used based on the number of words in your post) is a very important part of organic SEO. Optimizing your blog posts is one part of the writing process and a big step toward increasing traffic to your website or blog.Post ConsistentlyThere's no getting around this one. Don’t try to make each post a work of art or a 1000 word article. Just get out there and write and realize that sometimes good is good enough. By consistently posting, increased traffic will begin to happen as readers refer and search engines find you. With a little effort, your blog can and will change your business.Write Catchy Blog Post TitlesWrite short, effective headlines for blog posts. Start with your main keyword and then work it into your title and post. The challenge can be making it feel natural.Make sure that your post titles:

  • Stimulate the curiosity of your readers and
  • Summon their emotions – whether it’s anger, frustration, happiness or excitement

Check the Readability of Your Blog Before PostingReading your post out loud allows you to feel what your reader will feel as they read through it. It also allows you to sense where you can edit or eliminate unnecessary verbiage. I always read my articles out loud (to the utter frustration of my family) to hear the flow of each sentence and make certain it isn't too wordy or choppy. There’s no shame in editing as you read through. Practice makes perfect!Apply the Rule of OneApply one of these rules to each of your posts:

  • Offer a solution for your readers
  • Offer an answer that your competition isn’t
  • Show “how-to” do something
  • Encourage your readers through facts to make a decision
  • Entertain your readers through a relatable story
  • Inspire your readers through “feel good” stories
  • Make your readers laugh, cry or think
  • Let your readers get to know you and understand that you really can make a difference in their life or situation

Now ask yourself: How does this article make the lives of my readers better or easier?Mix Up Your PostsIntersperse fun, relatable stories with educational and informative articles all while making it entertaining and engaging.You don’t need to do a hard sell to get people to buy from you. What you need is authentic, relevant information that offers insight into who you are and why they need to take action with you today.Writing great blog content only requires a couple things – consistent posts from someone that truly cares.Generating blog traffic will come as you make blogging a part of your routine. Good luck -- and here's to increased blog traffic!Here are a few more resources on writing effective blog posts and generating blog traffic.How to Write a Catchy Blog Post Title that POPSBlogging Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make20 Sure-Fire Blog Titles that Get Results

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