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How to Set Up and Optimize a Facebook Page

By Rebekah Radice

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How to Set Up and Optimize a Facebook Page

Facebook can be an extremely effective marketing tool; connecting businesses with online consumers in search of their very product or service. Brands, whether large or small, with a consistent Facebook marketing strategy have the ability to build a viable community in an entertaining environment.However, simply showing up is not enough. As the social sphere evolves, so do the needs of the consumer. Meeting those needs by providing valuable content in an easy to digest format allows potential clients to get to know your brand on a far more intimate level.So why then do so many businesses fail at Facebook marketing before they even begin? A lack of planning, goal setting and visibility.Whether you are considering Facebook marketing or are simply frustrated with your current lack of results, spend time optimizing and properly setting up your page

Set Up and Optimize Your Facebook Page

If you do not currently have a personal Facebook profile, you must first sign up for a free account. Since your business page is tied and managed via your personal account, you cannot proceed without first completing this step. If you already have a Facebook profile, proceed to step number two.1. Log in to your personal Facebook profile, open a new tab and then begin the process of creating your new Facebook business page.2. The type of business you choose will depend on whether you work locally or nationally, are a brand, product or public figure. Read through each option and consider which suits you best before moving forward.

create a facebook business page

3. Choose the category that best describes your business from the category drop down.

set up facebook business page 2

4. The “business or place” box is where you will enter the name of your page. Choose this based on how you have branded yourself up until this point.

TIP: Think through whether you have branded your name e.g. “Ann Smith” or your office e.g. “ABC Marketing Company.” It is important to stay consistent in your branding.

Once you determine the name of your page, you will then enter business contact information, click ‘I agree” and then “Get Started.”Your page is now complete! Now it is time to customize your page.5. Choose your profile picture. This is the image that will fall below your cover image. You can choose to either upload from your computer or import from a website.


6. Complete the 'About' section. It is important to make it as easy as possible for potential fans to quickly identify and understand what your page is all about. Add your “bio” in this section as well as all contact information, i.e. Website, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other link.

TIP: Use Keywords in the “About” Section: Your keyword-loaded about section will help brand your business as well as allow potential fans to find you. Create a captivating 'about' including a tagline that will make people think of your business every time they hear it.

7. Upload your cover photo - With the introduction of Timeline came the new cover photo. Think of your cover photo like you would a movie trailer. A movie trailer has a short amount of time to thrill, inspire and drive consumers to action. Likewise, your cover photo is a quick snapshot of your business and an immediate way to capture the attention of anyone visiting your page. Use it to express the value of your business, but pay close attention to Facebook's strict photo cover guidelines.Take a look at a few creative examples of how companies are using their cover photo:Dunkin' Donuts updates their cover photo each week to promote their "Fan of the Week"

Dunkin Donuts Cover Photo

Coca-Cola as a brand truly understands their fans and commits the page to telling their story

Coca-Cola cover photo

The magic of Disney is transferred from our childhood memories to their Facebook page on a daily basis

Disney cover photo

8. Your last step is to choose your Facebook vanity url. This is a branding and SEO opportunity that you do not want to pass up. If you are not prepared to choose a url at this time, simply click skip and come back to www.facebook.com/username when you are ready. A vanity url is important for several reasons:

  • You make your page easy to find by allowing users to type in the exact name of your page e.g. http://facebook.com/company-name
  • You now have a direct link to use in all other marketing efforts
  • An optimized url boosts your page SEO
TIP: An optimized url brands you or business by use of keywords or terms. Just as your page name should reflect your current branding, so should your page url. You also want to keep this consistent with your page name. If you decided on the page name “Ann Smith,” then choosing http://facebook.com/AnnSmith will resonate best with past and current clients. Likewise, if you are branding your company, then consider sticking with that name. You also want to keep in mind the standard for SEO title tags when naming your page. Limit your title (name of page) to 70 characters or less if possible.

Congratulations! You are now a Facebook page administrator and able to begin networking and connecting!

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