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5 Ways to Create a Deliciously Irresistible Blog Post Title

By Rebekah Radice

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Five Ways to Create a Deliciously Irresistible Blog Post Title

Blog post titles are powerful. They are the first point of contact between content and reader.They are the magnet that draws a reader in, making their effectiveness directly proportional to your results.Will they click the link, or move on to the next best thing?To grab attention and persuade the reader to hang around your blog for a while, you need to create a deliciously irresistible blog post title.As a marketer,understanding that while content is important, it is nothing without a title that will attract readers.Below are five simple ways to effectively market your content through clickable titles, but first, let's take a look at why spending time crafting the perfect title matters.

Why Your Title Matters

Copyblogger expresses the importance of a catchy title:

"On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of your title, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece."

Think of your title as the front entrance sign to your business.Do you want a flashy sign that drives traffic to your blog or a lackluster sign that encourages those who might have been interested to keep on moving? I can’t imagine the jury is out on this one.To maximize blog traffic, you need to write alluring and persuasiveblog titles that entice readers to click on your post, and also keyword rich titles that will give search engines the ability to find you.

So what exactly does that mean?

Your Blog Title Should:

  1. Pique curiosity and create excitement
  2. Spell out the purpose of your article
  3. Give a reason to take immediate action
  4. Allow readers to find your post via keyword search

It’s the why, what and how of your article.

Now that you know what your titles purpose is, you're ready to learn how to make it POP!

Create a Deliciously Irresistible Blog Post Title

1. Let the Reader Know What to Expect

For a reader to feel the need to click on your article, there must be something in it for them. Your title should immediately convey what they will learn, and how the reader will benefit.Which article are you more compelled to click through to:

"The Importance of Active Community Participation"

Or would you rather click through to this one?

"10 Dynamic Ways You Can Engage Your Audience"

While the first option might explain the "what," it certainly isn't compelling. The bottom line: ensure that your title will stimulate the desire to know more.

2. Engage the Reader

Engaging your reader requires that you predict the experience they will receive. Let your title be fun, witty, captivating, engaging and most of all - accurate.Let it challenge the reader to take action. People have a desire for knowledge. They also have unique needs and unanswered questions. If you can provide the solution, you have a much better chance of gaining readership.For example, lets say your niche is in SEO. You write an article and title it:

"5 Changes Implemented by Google's Hummingbird Update"

This title answers the what, but does not answer the why or how. Why should your reader care and how will it help them? Instead, change that title to:

"5 Changes Implemented by Google's Hummingbird Update ( and how your business can recover)

The second title answers the question and provides a solution.

3. Be Straightforward

In as much as it's important to be creative with your words, it is equally as important to keep them accurate and transparent.Have you ever clicked through to an article only to find a landing or sales page? Imagine your frustration when the article was sold as a "how-to" or solution when in reality it was a slick marketing tactic?That is exactly how your readers feel if you haven't properly "sold" the purpose of your article.Do away with the sales speak and focus on the message. What are you trying to convey?Your readers should quickly surmise what they will find on the other side of that click. Otherwise, you take the chance that they leave frustrated, never to return.

4. Include a Hook, but Keep it Concise

According to Unbounce, there is an optimal blog post title length.

"Eight words or less. Titles of eight words or less are the generally accepted standard and have been found to be the most effective. Twitter limits posts to 140 characters, and re-tweets add to the overall length of a tweet. Therefore, shorter titles are better suited for social sharing."

As you work to keep your title short, make sure you include your hook, but never mislead your potential reader.The key is to strike a balance: include enough details in a fun and snappy way that intrigues and whets the readers appetite.

5. Make it Actionable

The title needs to compel your reader to take action. After all, if a potential reader never clicks through to your article, were they ever a potential reader in the first place? Probably not.If you can't compel a browser to become a reader, your post may die an untimely death.

What are your top blog post title tips? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

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