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Unlock the Keys to Absolutely Irresistible Blog Titles

By Rebekah Radice

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Blog titles have incredible power.Within seconds, the right words can challenge readers to take action, and ignite a flurry of social media activity.Whether you want to convert readers into blog subscribers or paying customers, every click is an instant opportunity.Unfortunately, the majority of readers will never make it to your content with 80 percent saying that based on title, they won’t get past the headline.That makes your title the difference between a click-through and a click away.So, how can you write an eye-catching, attention-grabbing blog title?

Find the perfect mix!

It's a combination of art and science, weaving together a few key components. Below, we'll take a look at how you can create a headline that converts, compels and produces a positive result.This post is based on a very popular article I wrote, “Foolproof Formula to Incredibly Catchy Blog Post Titles.”Due to the conversation around it, I decided to expand on the ideas, putting together a list and infographic to help you craft your own compelling blog title!


Unlock the Keys to Absolutely Irresistible Blog Titles - An infographic by Rebekah Radice

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Formula to Irresistible Blog Titles

1. Make it Personal

A blog title that speaks to a personal need or situation can be very effective.For example, “How You Can Put the Love Back in Your Relationship” not only solves a problem, but also relates to readers on an intimate level.

2. Make Life Easier (or better)

Think about your product or service from the consumer’s perspective.What problem does it solve and how can you best get that point across in an easy and efficient manner?

3. Encourage Action (and interaction)

Blog post titles should encourage action and inspire your reader to click-through. Are you asking questions, gaining valuable insight from your current subscribers?Know what triggers that action and how you can best position your content.

4. Lose the Jargon

Just because you speak in industry terms, doesn’t mean your consumer will understand it. In fact, to me it always feels incredibly off-putting.Don’t make your client struggle to keep up with you. Lose the jargon and focus instead on making your blog title one that is reader and consumer friendly.

5. Be Interesting

What makes your blog post intriguing? Is it news that hasn’t been shared or a tip that readers can’t find anywhere else? Draw them in, but do it ethically.Being an avid reader myself, I can tell you how disappointing it is to read a compelling blog title only to find the content lacking. Keep your title interesting, but true to what they’ll find once inside.

6. Be Original

Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, being original seems to be easier said than done as copycats abound across the Internet.My take? If you want to stand out, you must take a stand.Put your own unique spin on blog content as well as your title. Remember: there may not be any unique ideas left, but there’s always room for your unique perspective.

7. Be Honest

I mentioned this point above, but it’s important enough to repeat. Slimy, spammy and deceptive never sell. At least not in a sustainable way.Always make sure your blog post title is in alignment with your content.Misleading blog post titles create distrust and frustration, two lasting feelings that no blogger wants their reader to walk away with.

8. Speak Directly to Your Audience

Know your audience and do your research. Ask yourself:

  • Who am I trying to reach?
  • What problem does my post solve?
  • Is this topic valuable?
  • Would I click-through if I were the consumer?

9. Stay on Point

Blog titles tell a story about what’s to come. They share a brief snippet of what can be expected once inside the article.What story does your blog title tell? Is it consistent with the body of your article? Don’t allow your title to stray from the main subject of your post. Stay focused and on-point.Your readers will appreciate it and your traffic will be the better for it.

10. Be 100% Clear

A confused mind doesn't buy. They also don't click.In a study by Conductor, five types of headlines were analyzed. Here's what they found,

"The commonality among the top three resonating headline types vs. the bottom two is that the more the headline type resonated, the more explicit the headline was as to what the reader was going to get out of reading the article. Put another way, humans don't like uncertainty."

Take away the uncertainty and be 100 percent clear in what you're offering.

Final Thoughts

While there are plenty of ways to craft a click-worthy blog post title, the ideas above should put you on the road to success!What's your top tip for writing a blog title that creates buzz?Read my original article: "Foolproof Formula to Incredibly Catchy Blog Titles."

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