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Is Social Media Keeping You from Feeding (and Living) Your Passion

By Rebekah Radice

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Is Social Media Keeping You from Feeding (and Living) Your Passion

I typically write about social media productivity tools and strategies, that when implemented, can provide clarity and purpose within your overall social media plan. I am taking leave of that today to focus on a topic that is crucial to anyone’s success, whether you are a large or small company. who is looking to earn a voice within the crowded social media space.Today I want to focus on you. The ‘you’ that has hopes, dreams, and passions that lies well beyond social media. They are the passions that drive you, inspire you and propel you towards excellence each and every day.They are the substance by which your business was built and the glue that keeps your well-oiled machine moving forward.

Getting Social or Losing Steam

While it is no secret that social media can be an enormous boon to your business, it can also be a massive time waster. This new must have toy for business professionals can and will slowly eat into your time, invade your life and eventually steal your passion if you allow it.As a business owner, social networking is your online connection to customers and potential clients. It is an opportunity to turn your fans, followers, readers and subscribers into raving fans and ultimately, marketing evangelists.However, social media marketing while seemingly free does take a toll if not managed. This makes it critical to get organized. Organization will save you time, frustration and the overwhelming feeling that you must spend every waking moment commenting, liking, tweeting, blogging and friending . The other thing organization does is keep you from spending too much time talking or selling and not enough time living. Remember, social media cannot wave a magic wand and miraculously cure your marketing woes. It takes time, practice and a consistent commitment to your end goal.

Are You Growing Your Business or Your Life

While you have the opportunity to grow your business in new and exhilarating ways, social media will backfire if you do not stay firmly entrenched in what makes you tick; that essence that proves you are beautiful and distinct.Each of us possess our own unique abilities and with that, our own interests and passions that define who we are at the very core. Are you spending enough time on what matters to you? Are you feeding your passion?Making space for the important stuff, those things that you have slowly pushed out of your life, is tougher to do every day as we are bombarded by the ‘noise’ of social media and other time-sucking activities.The bottom line for me, and what I hope resonates with you as well, is that we either choose to make the time for what matters most, drives us forward and feeds our passion or eventually the time will be filled with worthless mind-numbing details.Which details do you choose to spend your time focused on? I’d love to hear from you below!

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