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Make the Pieces of Your Puzzle Fall Into Place

By Rebekah Radice

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As I sifted through stored boxes in my garage last night, I stumbled upon one that hadn’t been touched in years.I swept away the dust to find it was a box full of toys that were older then the box itself. They were memories of days long since gone and evenings filled with laughter, stiff competition and a whole lot of love.

Sifting Through The Pieces

I have ruminated all day on the board games, boxes of playing cards and puzzles that had once been the staple of my visits to ‘Papas’ house.When he had passed away and the family was splitting items, the memories attached to those late night board games and hours of puzzle mania were strong enough that I requested they all be turned over to me.My grandfather and I would set up a 3000 piece puzzle on the dining room table and work on it for weeks. Every time I would walk by the room that puzzle would beg me to find one more piece to fit in to place.My brain would gear up for the challenge and before I knew it, I had spent an hour turning and flipping each piece until I found that perfect match.Much of my life can be summed up by those dreaded puzzles. Each design is a series of seemingly mismatched shapes and sizes. Yet somehow that puzzle results in an overwhelming feeling of joy and completion when the pieces finally fall into place.

Making the Pieces Fit

What pieces of your life do you spend hours, weeks, months and even years attempting to work into that perfect place?For me, try as I might there were certain pieces that just wouldn’t match up.

Make the puzzle pieces of your life fit

What I’ve realized today is that it is okay to allow pieces to fall where they may.Miraculously, if we let go and allow our lives to unfold, often times those perfect pieces are right there in front of us.A common mantra in my life has become....”be still.”With all of the running we do, it's incredible to see that within those moments of calm, how truly beautiful life can be.Life has laughed at me and said "Ha!"...while you were trying to figure it all out through research, educational trainings, webinars and goal setting, I was working through the big picture you just couldn't seem to see.”As I sit back and reflect upon those puzzle pieces of my life I wonder - what pieces in your puzzle are you attempting to shove into that perfect space? I challenge you to take a step back and just “be still.’ You might be surprised at how quickly your puzzle starts to fall into place.

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